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Courthouse and Bank Building

B&L Asson., Clerk's Office, Court House, Woodstock, Va.

Court Square in Woodstock Virginia. 

When this photograph was taken, Court Square was much different than it is today. However the buildings pictured still stand.

The front building is the Historic Shenandoah County Courthouse. Originally constructed in 1795, the courthouse received an addition in 1871 to house the Circuit Court and in 1886 to provide a fire proof area for the clerk’s office. In 1923 a portico was added which changed the unique Federal Style of the Courthouse and mirrored more classical architecture.

Behind the Courthouse is the former Shenandoah County Bank and Loan Building that eventually became the Shenandoah County National Bank. It operated at the site until the 1960s when the bank merged with several other institutions and the building was purchased by the county who still uses it for offices.

Also visible in this photograph are two other Court Square landmarks. Just in front of the courthouse is the town pump. This was one of several communal sites where residents, and their animals, could get water until 1904 when a water system was installed.

On the left is the corner of the jail fence. This fence not only helped keep people in or out, but was also a social site. Leaning on the fence and talking to individuals passing by was extremely popular. 

Courthouse and Bank Building