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Undated photograph showing thee women dressed as men and labeled "three sports"
Undated photograph showing the "K.E.Y. club house"
Undated photograph showing a house and labeled as "Berkley Springs, W.Va."
Undated photograph showing a woman and three women dressed as men. Labeled "Nelle's lovers"
Photorgaph showing a group of women and two men with a wagon labeled "going to camp, August 26 1913"
Undated photograph labeled "Momie at the old well. "K.E.Y."
Photograph showing several women playing cards at the "K.E.Y. Club House" in August of 1913.
Photograph showing several women on the porch of the the "K.E.Y. Club House" at an unidentified location in August of 1913.
Undated photograph showing the Private Soldier Monument at what is now the Antietam National Cemetery in Sharpsburg Maryland.

Photograph showing two boys on a Southern Railway Express Company loading wagon filled with chickens at an unidentified railroad depot in October of 1914.
Undated photograph showing "Ottis and Ruth" most likely of the Miller or Miley family
Undated photograph showing "Sue, Helen, Mary Anna, Henry" most likely of the Miller or Miley family
Undated photograph showing "Round Hill"
Photograph of a group of women belonging to the Toms Brook K.E.Y. Club posing with flags in July of 1914.
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