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A brochure printed to describe the history of the Mt. Jackson Colored Cemetery around the time of the cemetery's re-dedication in 2004.

LibertyRiotArticle Jan 28 1880.jpg
Newspaper article detailing a riot that occurred at Columbia and Liberty Furnaces west of Edinburg in Shenandoah County. It appeared in Shenandoah Herald on January 28, 1880.

The incident was sparked by the furnace owners' decision to hire…
Photograph showing an unidentified African American Woman. It appears she is wearing a domestic uniform.
Portrait of unidentified woman in heavy coat
Photo taken outside of toddler in white gown
Portrait of unidentified woman, seated
Portrait of unidentified African American woman wearing dress with polka dots.
Portrait of unidentified African American woman wearing glasses and standing with her hands behind her back.
Portrait of unidentified African American woman wearing a feathered hat and suit.
Unidentified woman seated with one leg over one arm of the chair.
Unidentified woman wearing white dress, stockings, and shoes.
Unidentified African American woman wearing long white gloves and dress.
Portrait of unidentified woman, seated and wearing a locket.
Photograph of Fannie Hughes Timbers as a young woman. She married Lucian Paul Butler on June 2, 1921, in Woodstock. The groom was 22 years old and his parents were W.O. and Alice Butler. He worked as a cook. The bride was 24 years old and the…
Unidentified African American woman, seated, with two unidentified white children beside her.
Two young unidentified children on or beside a chair
Portrait of Fannie Hughes Timbers from Woodstock taken in the 1912-1914 timeframe. She later married Lucien Paul Butler in 1921.
Ada "Posie" Dyer, wife of Warren Boxley, with her young sister, Katy, and John H. "Jack" Grabill. Posie worked as the housekeeper for Captain John H. Grabill and his wife, Mary. Their home was located on North Main Street in Woodstock. Jack was…
Portrait of young African American man wearing a suit and tie.
Portrait of unidentified man.
Two unidentified young men, one standing and one seated.
Left to right: Ray Allen Cooper, Oswald Cooper, Jr., Melvin Cooper. The baby on Oswald's lap is Robert Cooper, who later operated Bobby's Family Restaurant in Woodstock. These four brothers were the sons of Oswald Cooper, Sr. and Evelyn McAfee…
Unidentified staff shown in the kitchen of the White Sulphur Inn in Stephens City, Frederick County, Virginia.
Portrait of an unidentified man wearing glasses and a bow tie.
Portrait of Anna Mae Williams Jackson as a young girl.
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