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Photographs of business displays at the Shenandoah County Fair. Those pictured include local appliance stores and farm implement companies. They originated with Charles Bauserman but were most likely taken by William Garber of Mt. Jackson Virginia.

This picture shows a paper milk-bottle cap produced by Woodstock Virginia’s Ford-Cooley Dairy. The dairy was located just south of Woodstock near Narrow Passage. It operated from sometime in the 1930s until around 1960.

It would have been used…
Postcard showing individuals loading hay onto horse drawn wagons near New Market Virginia.
Postcard showing B.E. Nelson's wheat field.
Postcard showing a crew of men with a team of horses and mules seeding farmland on Meem's Bottom. Located just south of Mt. Jackson Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of the former Middletown School building when it was used as an Agricultural High School.
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