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Photo of a photograph of the 1912 Massanutten Military Academy basketball team. Players are unidentified but all are wearing team uniforms with an "M" on the shirt.
Photograph of an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy cadet wearing sports clothing and holding a basketball.
Unidentified Massanutten Academy student wearing basketball uniform and holding basketball.
Photograph showing an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) basketball player and unidentified coach. The photograph was taken inside the school's former gymnasium located in Harrison Hall.

Photograph showing the Toms Brook High School 1946 Girls Varsity Basketball Team and their principal. The team was county basketball champions that year.

Photograph showing Cathy Wakeman, Central High School class of 1978, advancing down a basketball court. Taken from the 1978 Central High School Yearbook's Girls Varsity Basketball page.

Girls Varsity Basketball.jpg
Picture of the 1978 Varsity Girls Basketball Team at Central High School in Woodstock Virginia. Taken from the 1978 Central High School Yearbook.

The 1946 Toms Brook High School girls’ basketball team had an extremely successful season. Their yearbook reports they played a total 21 games and losing only four. 14 of those were played against teams from Shenandoah County’s six other high… from newspapers past Woodstock High School Girls varsity basketball team 1952-1953 October 17 2002 The Free Press.pdf
Photograph of the Woodstock High School's Girls Basketball team during the 1952-1953 season with names
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