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Kissane Transcription .pdf
Oral history featuring Leroy Polk of Edinburg Virginia recorded by Kati Kissane of James Madison University. The interview was conducted as part of a project designed to better understand the history of Bird Haven Virginia, the Shenandoah Community…
Undated postcard showing an aerial view of Bryce Resort located in Basye Virginia.

It includes an overview of the hotel, lodge, airport, and ski slopes without snow.

The card was produced by Jack Rottier Photos in Annadale Virginia.
Postcard showing a view from Sky Chalet.

Sky Chalet is a lodge/bed and breakfast facility located on Supinlick Ridge in the Basye community.

At the time this postcard was published it had a Macanie post office address.
Photographic postcard showing a view of mountains in the Basye Community of Shenandoah County. The photograph was taken from "Supin Lick" or Supinlick Ridge which forms the western part of the valley that community lies in and which Bryce's Hillside…
Postcard showing the Greystone Lodge in Basye Virginia.

This structure was originally constructed by Vice Admiral Henry V. Butler ca. 1920. It was operated as a type of hunting/recreation lodge around 1950. Today it is a private residence.
Postcard with an image of the "Greystone Lodge" located near Basye Virginia in western Shenandoah County.
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