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Photograph of Dorothy (Bauserman) Finks' school portrait. The school portrait has a border with the words "School Days" on the top and "1942-43" on the bottom.

Dorothy was the daughter of Russell and Beulah Bauserman. Dorothy graduated from Toms…
Charlotte Bauserman sitting on a stone bench.
Photograph of three friends.

Identified (l to r) are: Raymond Lee Miller, Martin Luther Bauserman and unidentified young man.
Portrait of the Bauserman siblings posed in studio as children.

Pictured Left to Right: Donald R. Bauserman, June Bauserman Hockman, and Charles D. Bauserman
Photograph of June Ogden Bauserman as a toddler. June was born in Maurertown to Harlin Ray and Thelma (Estep) Bauserman. The 1940 census found June living in the Johnston District with her parents and two older brothers.

She married Larry Ott…
Portrait of David and Daisy Estep with their daughters, Thelma and Zora, posed in studio. Mrs. Estep and Zora are wearing large hats decorated with flowers.

Back row (L to R): Daisy Mauck Estep and David F. Estep
Front row (L to R): Thelma Estep…
Photograph of Clarence Ellis Bauserman as a young man.

Clarence was the youngest son of Jeremiah and Barbara Alice (Burner) Bauserman from the Woodstock area. He had a twin sister, Clara B. Bauserman.

In the 1900 census, Clarence's mother was…
Photograph of Clarence Ellis Bauserman and his twin sister, Clara Bell (Bauserman) Beydler.

They were the youngest of six children born to Jeremiah and Barbara Alice (Burner) Bauserman. Their father died when they were quite young. They grew up in…
Photograph of Roy Beydler and his wife, Clara Bell (Bauserman) Beydler.

Roy was a farmer from Woodstock. His parents were William Franklin and Viola (Borden) Beydler.

Clara was the daughter of Jeremiah and Barbara (Burner) Bauserman.

Portrait of Ida (Gochenour) Bauserman taken only a year or two before she died.

Ida was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Susan Gochenour and the wife of William Bauserman.
Photograph of Ida (Gochenour) Bauserman with her great nieces, Eula (Reynolds) Swartz (left) and Ruth Virginia Reynolds (right).

Ida (Gochenour) Bauserman was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Susan Gochenour and the wife of William…
Charles Russell Miller standing next to his wife, Vernie Miller, who is seated. They lived in Mt. Jackson.

Charles Russell Miller was the son of James E. and Fannie (Dodson) MIller. He owned a farm just south of Mt. Jackson.

The name "Bauserman" is written on the glass plate of this photograph of two young girls standing next to a toy bird cage.
Group of mostly unidentified Woodstock High School students posed at the main entrance. The three men at the far right of the second row were Dick Wickham, Willard Bauserman, and the Principal, Prof. Milton Hollingsworth.
Photograph of the front of a workshop on East Hughes Street in Woodstock that was used by an electrician named Byrd Bauserman in the 1940s.
Side view of the workshop of Byrd Bauserman, an electrician whose shop was located on East Hughes Street in Woodstock.
Photograph of the workshop used by Byrd Bauserman in his work as an electrician. The shop was located on East Hughes Street in Woodstock.
Portrait of James Earl Bauserman (1897 - 1979), son of James Russell and Flora Bradley Bauserman. His first wife, Susie Jones, died in 1923 leaving behind two young daughters. Later, he married Frances Hoshour. They had a son, Paul, together.…
The name, "C. Bauserman" is written on the glass plate of this image of a young man wearing a suit.
Portrait of Charlotte Bauserman Helsley as a young woman.

Charlotte was the daughter of George Washington and Martha Belle (Compton) Bauserman. The 1930 census found her living in Clarke County with her parents and two sisters, Helen and Martha.…
Portrait of Dorothy Bauserman Finks as a young woman.

Mrs. Finks was born in Toms Brook, daughter of Russell P. and Beulah (Miller) Bauserman.

She was a 1944 graduate of Toms Brook High School and worked at Finks’ Jewelry Store in Woodstock for…
Portrait of Mr. Ted Bauserman, father of Central High School's former football coach, Jack Bauserman.

Photographs showing the Bauserman Home Improvement store display at the Shenandoah County Fair.
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