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Photo of a photo of Irvin Burner wearing his U.S. Army uniform from WWII.
The name "Burner" appears on the plate for this image of a young boy standing beside a bench with his hand on his hip.
Portrait of Daniel Burner, Jr., in his U.S. Army uniform, beside his father, Daniel Burner, Sr., also in uniform.
Heavily damaged image of the U.S. Marine Corps' letter notifying the family of Private Joseph Luther Burner that he was killed in action. From the legible words on the image, it appears his service in WWII was in the Pacific theatre.
Daniel F. Burner, Sr (left), seated beside his son, Daniel F. Burner, Jr. Both men are wearing U.S. Army uniforms. Mr. Burner, Sr., was a graduate of Massanutten Military Academy (MMA), served as Mayor of Woodstock, and worked as an antiques dealer.…
Portrait of Elwood Burner as a young man. He was the husband of Rachel Hoover Burner.
Dewey Milton Dinges as a young man. His parents were Andrew Jackson Dinges and Mary Ellen Burner. He married Mary May Cave. Their son, James Leo Dinges, died May 1, 2000.
Carroll Burner (left) shown with an unidentified friend. Mr. Burner grew up in Edinburg and, in 2003, worked as a house painter in Quicksburg, Virginia.
Portrait of an unidentified woman. Although she has been tentatively identified as Martha Jane Burner Ritenour, there is not enough information to confirm it.
Martha was daughter of John J. Burner and Ellen Smith Burner. Her first husband was Milton Ritenour and her second husband was Mayberry Clem.
Husband of Nettie Ritenour
Mary Ida Burner Jett Veach sitting with younger unidentified man.

Louis Joseph Burner.jpg
Photograph of Louis Joseph Burner from the book "Service Record World War I and II, Woodstock and Vicinity."
Postcard showing "Burner's" house near Luray Virginia
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