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Photograph of six of the seven children born to Sandy Scott Williams (1897-1985) and his wife, Marie Beatrice (Smith) Williams (1907-2007). Pictured are: (Back row, l to r) Margaret A., Archie Stuart, and John Sandy; (Front row, l to r) Paul Thomas,…
Unidentified toddler wearing a winter coat and hat and seated on a studio chair.
Unidentified baby propped against pillows on a studio chair.
Two unidentified young children posed together on a bench.

These were probably siblings.
Unidentified toddler seated on a chair with an open mouth and bright eyes.
Three unidentified children, probably siblings, posed together in the studio.
Unidentified little boy and girl posed together as if they were dancing.
Unidentified child standing on a bench and wearing a winter coat, knitted hat, and matching hand muff.
Unidentified young child standing on a studio bench and wearing a coat and hat.
Unidentified toddler seated on a chair in the studio.
Unidentified little boy standing on a bench with one hand in his pocket.
Unidentified woman seated on a chair and holding a baby in one arm and a young girl in the other. An additional little girl is standing beside the chair on the right.

Probably, this was a mother with her three children.
Unidentified young child standing on a bench in the photographer's studio.
Unidentified child is standing on a studio chair and wearing a long white gown with a bow at both the neck and the elbow.
Photograph of an unidentified girl wearing a dress and black patent leather shoes. She is standing beside a bench and holding up a doll.
Unidentified woman with an unidentified little girl leaned against her side with her arms around the woman's neck.

This was probably a mother and her young daughter.
Portrait of an unidentified woman holding an unidentified baby in her arms.

Probably, this was a mother with her child.
Photograph of two unidentified children, both dressed in white.
Unidentified man wearing a wintry outfit, however, the plate shows considerable damage and obscures the man's face.
The name, "Fansler" is written on the glass plate of this image of a toddler on a chair.
Portrait of an unidentified African American child posed on a studio chair.
Three unidentified children, two girls and a boy, posed together.

These are probably siblings.
Two unidentified little girls standing together on a studio bench.

Probably they are sisters.
Photograph of Ida (Gochenour) Bauserman with her great nieces, Eula (Reynolds) Swartz (left) and Ruth Virginia Reynolds (right).

Ida (Gochenour) Bauserman was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Susan Gochenour and the wife of William…
Two unidentified young girls posed together in the studio.

They resemble each other and are probably sisters.
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