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Portrait of the Reedy family. Pvt. Ralph Reedy was an Army soldier during World War II and is wearing his uniform in this photograph.

Standing, left to right: Ralph Reedy, Vernon Reedy, and Alden Reedy.
Seated, left to right: Judy Reedy Baker and…
Photograph of a young girl wearing a dress and sitting in the grass with two rabbits, one on each side of her. She has her hands resting on the rabbits, holding them in place.
Portrait of an unidentified Boy Scout, possibly an Eagle Scout, in uniform with a sash full of patches across his chest.
Unidentified young boy sitting on a white pony in front of a house.
Unidentified child seated atop a large horse. Part of a man is visible behind the horse. He is holding the child in place and also holding the horse in place.
Unidentified boy with freckles on his face.
Unidentified small boy seated outdoors on his tricycle.
Portrait of William Paxton as a young boy.
Unidentified child posed in the studio with a rifle.
Unidentified boy posed standing in a studio with a rifle.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified young boy standing in a studio.
Unidentified child, naked, and waving to the photographer from inside a washtub.
Photograph of Louis E. Morrison as a small boy.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified small boy on top of a pony. An unidentified man is leading the pony.
Unidentified woman sitting on grass outside with a shirtless little boy seated in a cart next to her.
Unidentified young boy posed standing on a table and wearing a sailor suit.
Unidentified girls playing a dress up game. One is dressed as a nursemaid and posed behind a decorated stroller with another younger girl in it.
Portrait of an unidentified child wearing a hat with the Virginia Military Institute emblem on the front of it.
Studio portrait of an unidentified young boy standing beside a child-sized car.
Portrait of an unidentified young boy standing beside a bench with his hand on a small bird cage.
Portrait of Rush Boyer, left, and his sister, Lacy, as young children.
Photo of an older photograph of a young girl in pigtails sitting on a chair and holding a stuffed toy.
Portrait of an unidentified young girl wearing a Shriner's Fez and standing on a bench in the photographer's studio.
Unidentified boy dressed in a cowboy costume and holding a toy rifle and six-shooter.
Large group of people assembled for a reunion picnic at what is now the Hottel-Keller Memorial site off Back Road near Mt. Olive. The words, "Hottel-Keller Memorial Association" and the date, "Aug. 23rd, 1934" appear on the glass plate.
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