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Left to right: Helen (Seal) Ambrose, Charles W. "Dickle" Seal, and Harold L. Seal, Sr. pictured as young children.

The three were the children of Otis Lynden (1907-1982) and Daisy M. (Clem) (1913-1983) Seal. They grew up in the Woodstock area of…
Photograph of John Daniel Clem wearing a cap and standing beside a bench in the studio.

John was from Fort Valley, the son of John A.G. and Bessie S. (Henry) Clem. His first wife, Eva Clarice, died in 1925. He married again in 1928, to Sylvia…
Portrait of the Clem family. Pictured are: (l to r) Charlie Clem, Bessie (Henry) Clem, and Dorothy Clem.

Bessie Clem was born in Page County and married John Adam Grove Clem (1870-1941) there in 1894.

Much of her married life was spent in Fort…
Photograph of the Plauger family of Fort Valley. From left to right: Franklin, his father, Paul Franklin, his mother, Evelyn (McClanahan), and his younger brother, Charles.

Paul Franklin was the son of Charles Franklin (1877-1953) and Grace Mae…
Photograph of a stone marking the burial site of the "Clem" family. Emulsion damage is visible at the top of the image.
Portrait of Evelyn Kathleen (Clem) Carpenter as a young woman. Born in Seven Fountains, Virginia, Evelyn was the daughter of Ernest R. and Gladys E. Rickard Clem.

She attended Dry Run and Fort Valley Public Schools as well as Edinburg and…
Portrait of Stanley Wakeman, of Wakemans Grove, VA, in his U.S. Air Force uniform.

Mr. Wakeman was the son of Galen F. (1898-1980) and Maude Elizabeth (Clem) Wakeman (1903-1993) and married Betty Lee (Miller) Wakeman (1931-2011) in 1951.

Group of students from Woodstock High School, circa 1928. Those that have been identified include: Estaline Funk (second row, second from the left), Margaret Magruder (first row, first on the left), and Eunice Lawman Morrison (first row, second on…
Portrait of Stanley Tobias Clem (1927-2009) wearing his Civil Air Patrol uniform. The markings on his shoulder indicate he was a cadet in this photo.

Stanley Clem was a son of Tobias Samuel and Maggie Catherine Clem of Fort Valley, Virginia. His…
A portrait of a smiling baby seated on a wicker chair. "Clem (Washington, D.C.)" is inscribed on the glass plate.
A portrait of a baby seated on a wicker chair. There is a blurry woman crouching behind him. "Clem (Washington, D.C.)" is inscribed on the glass plate.
John A. Plauger wearing his U.S. Navy uniform. John married Gertrude Clem.
The name, "Evelyn Clem" is written on the glass plate of this image of a young man standing outside a home and wearing a U.S. Navy uniform.
The name, "Stanley Clem" and the date, "11/28/44" was written on the glass plate of this image of a young man.

Stanley served in the US Civil Air Patrol during the Second World War.

Stanley Clem was a son of Tobias Samuel and Maggie Catherine…
Portrait of Benny Clem as a young man. His father was Tobias Clem and he had a sister named Mary Jane and a brother named Stanley.
Portrait of Mary Jane Clem. She was the daughter of Tobias Clem and sister of Benny and Stanley Clem.
Olive Clem was her married name. She was originally from Fort Valley.
Photograph of Stanley Tobias Clem (on the left) with his arm around Perry T. Heishman, both from Edinburg.

Both are wearing Civil Air Patrol Uniforms.
Photograph of the students from Bowmans Crossing School about 1911. They are identified as:
1st row (l to r): Ruth Baker, Raymond Baker, Medger Bowers, Clarence ?, Joe Bowers, Fred Grandstaff (Tip Downey), and Mertie Bowers.
2nd Row: Buford…
Photograph of James Moreland of Edinburg, Virginia, holding his rifle and standing beside a his recent kill, a deer.

Mr. Moreland was born in Shenandoah County, son of the late George and Sally (Clem) Moreland. He was a member of Front Royal Moose…
The Cora Clem House was located at Lantz Mill, near Edinburg. Clem Store was just down the road from the house although the store no longer stands.
David A. McClanahan pictured in his U.S. Army uniform. He was the son of Mertie and Maude (Clem) McClanahan.
Robert L. Clem wearing his U.S. Army uniform and standing beside his wife, Mae McClanahan Clem. Mr. Clem was born on August 6, 1891 and served in WWI. His wife was born on November 30, 1897, and was the daughter of Sarah Ann Ritenour and Mayberry…
Mate Clem Lemaster and her sister, Margaret Clem Tysinger, as children.
Pictured are (l to r): Cora Clem, Margaret Clem Tysinger, Mate Clem Lemaster, Jacob Bird Clem.
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