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Portrait of James Samuel Clower. He was the son of Joseph B. Clower and Caddie Rodeffer, and had a brother named Joseph.

James worked as a mailman in Woodstock. He is buried in Massanutten Cemetery.
Portrait of Kathleen Elizabeth Boyer as a young woman. She was the daughter of John L. and Elton Virginia (Clower) Boyer of Woodstock. She married James N. Patterson from Des Moines, Iowa, in June 1932, when she was 25 years old.
Group of Woodstock High School students at the main entrance to the school. A few have been identified. They are: French Boyer (upper left), Josephine Newman (below French), Louis Glenn Locke (on French's left), Margaret Grabill (upper center). The…
Group of Woodstock High School students from the 1920s. Front row from left: Hunter Gaunt, Emma Lou Stoner, Simon Wender, Edna Tampkin, Bill Logan, Joe Clower. Back row from left: Bender Fansler, Madolin Walton, "Sis" Wender, ?, Philip Riddleberger.
Photograph of an Army Certificate of Service for Charles E. Clower. He served "honorably" as a Private with the 75th Quartermaster Company of the 75th Infantry from October 14, 1942 to June 3, 1943.
Portrait of Anna Winfield Clower Adkerson wearing a large hat.

She was the daughter of James Henry (unknown-1924) and Antoinette Dubois (Winfield) (1853-1937) Clower. She lived in Woodstock. As a young woman, she taught music with her mother and,…
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