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Portrait of Russell Dellinger, the son of John Davy Dellinger, and his wife, Nina Hines.
Kirby Barb was the son of Hosen Barb and Bessie Dellinger Barb. He is shown here in his U.S. Army uniform. His wife and daughter are by his side.
Kirby Barb was the son of Hosen Barb and Bessie (Dellinger) Barb. He is shown here wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Portrait of young siblings, Anna Mary and Warren Dellinger, holding tools. Anna Mary's married name was Tuttle.
Shirley Dellinger Leake as a young girl standing in a yard and holding a bunny.
Portrait of Lena Ellen Dellinger. Her parents were James F. Dellinger and Elizabeth Wetzel. She had a sister and two brothers. Lena was blind and taught the blind in a school in Staunton, Virginia, for many years.
Portrait of Clyde Dellinger.
Portrait of Ruby Dellinger Hawkins.
Arlene Smoot Dellinger Barb as a young woman. She was the daughter of Russell and Lula (Funkhouser) Smoot.
Rufus Wilkins and Gertie Dellinger began dating (or as people used to say, "courtin"), after both had lost their spouses.
Wilbur and Claudetta Dellinger as children. Their parents were Clyde Dellinger and Esther Foltz, who lived on Senedo Road in Edinburg.
Samuel William Dellinger and his second wife, Maggie Brinker. Mr. Dellinger was born on Cave Ridge.
William Homer Foltz was the son of Robert W. and Mary Lindamood Foltz. His wife, Rachel B. Fogel, was the daughter of Jacob Fogle and Martha Carrier. Together, they were the parents of Charles Foltz, Lena Foltz Dellinger, and Phyllis Foltz Wright.

MRD Letter P1.png
December 17 (1862)

Shenandoah County

Dear brother I seat my self to drop you a few line to let you no that we are all well at present and hope that when these few lines come to hand they may find you in the Same state of health. They say that…
Postcard showing the site of Dellinger Funderal Home in Mt. Jackson Virginia and its fleet of vehicles.
Postcard with a picture of Dellinger Funeral Home Mortuary and Chapel located in Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of Dellinger Funeral Home in Woodstock Virginia and their fleet of private ambulances.
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