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Ellen (Hockman) Dellinger, pictured as a young woman in a formal dress.

Mrs. Dellinger was born in Linden, the daughter of Jesse Hockman Sr. and Freda Hockman. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, Virginia and Russell Hollar.

She was married…
This photograph of Ellen Hockman Dellinger was taken for the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival's beauty contest.

Mrs. Dellinger was born February 11, 1934 in Linden, Virginia. She was the daughter of the late Jesse Hockman Sr. and Freda (Seal)…
Portrait of Mary Dellinger as a young woman. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Drucilla Dellinger.
Portrait of Linda L. Dellinger Varney as a baby. In the picture, she is propped up in a chair.
Photo of two separate images. One is of William Homer Foltz (1853-1929), son of Robert W. and Mary Foltz. On the right, is an image of his second wife, Rachel Fogal Foltz (1860-1940). They married on December 18, 1884. Rachel was the daughter of…
Portrait of Clacie Franklin Coffman, Sr. (1903-1970), son of Joseph and Maude Dellinger Coffman. He married Arlene Bowman and had a daughter, Mary Catherine Coffman. He later married Ruby Ford Koontz and had two sons, Clacie, Jr. and Henry James…
Portrait of Jacob Warren Good as a young man. He lived in the Mt. Jackson area and was the son of J.W. and Fannie Vesta Dellinger Good. He married Lucille Fawley on June 25, 1944, and they had a son, J.W. Good, II. When he died, he was buried in Mt.…
Portrait of Noah Robert Helsley, son of Davis and Sarah Dellinger Helsley. His wife was Bessie George, with whom he had three sons. Mr. Helsley was born on December 29, 1883 and died on October 2, 1952. He is buried in Columbia Furnace where he lived…
Photograph of Raxton Boyd Foltz and his second wife, Anna Mae Miller, and their son, Wayne. Mr. Foltz lived from 1913 to 1983 and was the son of James Thomas and Lillie Virginia (Dellinger) Foltz.
Photograph of Aubey and Clyde Dellinger who were brothers.
Photo of a photograph of Laco "Peck" Dellinger as a young man and wearing his U.S. Army uniform. He married Ellen Hockman and, as of 2002, lived in Jerome, Virginia.
Photograph of Alice Mumaw Charles as a young woman. She was the daughter of Lester and Clara Naomi Mumaw. Her paternal grandfather was George H. Mumaw and her maternal grandfather was Philip W. Dellinger.
Photograph of Ellen Hockman Dellinger (left) and Barbara Hollar Gallant (right) as young women. Both are dressed up and are wearing corsages.
Portrait of Barbara Hollar Gallant as a young woman.
Photograph of (l to r) Ellen Hockman Dellinger and Barbara Hollar Gallant as young women. Both are wearing long dresses and corsages.
Portrait of three friends: Unidentified young woman on the left, Louise Emswiller Dellinger in the middle, and Hilda Foltz on the right. Louise married Forest Dellinger.
Portrait of Aubey Dellinger, Jr., who lived in Conicville then moved to Edinburg.
Portrait of Russell Dellinger, the son of John Davy Dellinger, and his wife, Nina Hines.
Kirby Barb was the son of Hosen Barb and Bessie Dellinger Barb. He is shown here in his U.S. Army uniform. His wife and daughter are by his side.
Kirby Barb was the son of Hosen Barb and Bessie (Dellinger) Barb. He is shown here wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Portrait of young siblings, Anna Mary and Warren Dellinger, holding tools. Anna Mary's married name was Tuttle.
Shirley Dellinger Leake as a young girl standing in a yard and holding a bunny.
Portrait of Lena Ellen Dellinger. Her parents were James F. Dellinger and Elizabeth Wetzel. She had a sister and two brothers. Lena was blind and taught the blind in a school in Staunton, Virginia, for many years.
Portrait of Clyde Dellinger.
Portrait of Ruby Dellinger Hawkins.
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