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Photograph of a photograph of five unidentified people posed in front of a wood-framed, two-story house.

Probably a family photograph.
Six unidentified adults and a young girl posed sitting or standing on the front porch of a two-story house. A dog is also visible on the right.
Unidentified people and a dog posed in front of a two-story home with a picket fence out front.

Probably a family photograph.
Three adults and five unidentified children standing on the small front stoop of a wood-sided home backing up to a mountain.

Probably a family photograph.
Three unidentified adults standing in front of a wood-sided home that is surrounded by a picket fence.
Group of eight unidentified people standing outside a log building and in front of a picket fence.

Probably a family group.
Two-story, wood-framed home with two unidentified men and a small dog standing on the covered front porch. A woman is off on the right holding a watering can.
Photograph of an older photograph showing unidentified people in Sunday dress posed either standing or sitting around the small front porch of a log cabin. Front of cabin has been partially covered with wooden board siding.
Unidentified soldier, standing in center back, surrounded by four other unidentified adults and a young girl.

This was probably a family photograph.
Unidentified soldier wearing WWI-era U.S. Army uniform and posed with unidentified toddler and woman.

This is probably a family portrait.
Heavily damaged image of an unidentified woman, toddler, and uniformed man. The man is mostly obscured due to the damage on the plate.

This is probably a family portrait.
Photo of an older photo showing a group of people posed just outside a building. Women are wearing dresses that were popular in the late nineteenth century.

Possibly this is a family group with their two servants included.
Unidentified soldier, seated on the left and shown with three unidentified children, an older woman, possibly his mother, and another woman, possibly his wife, who is standing on the right.
Probably a family portrait.
Herbert "Hink" Powell and his sister, Violet Powell Bucklew.
Kirby Barb was the son of Hosen Barb and Bessie Dellinger Barb. He is shown here in his U.S. Army uniform. His wife and daughter are by his side.
Left to right: Raymond, Charles (Guy), and Florence Didawick. Obscured person on far left is unidentified. Charles is pictured in his Army Air Corps uniform.
Handwritten log of Orndorff and Himelright births between 1855 and 1880. Included are: Philip P., son of Jacob and Rachel Orndorff (born Feb. 5, 1855); Margaret R., daughter of Henry S. and Mary C. Himelright (born Aug 11, 1859); and Walter, Daisy,…
Unidentified man wearing his U.S. Army uniform and seated beside unidentified woman.

Probably a husband and wife.
Unidentified soldier in uniform, seated next to unidentified woman and young girl.

Probably a family photograph.
Damaged image showing unidentified soldier with two unidentified women beside him.

Probably a family portrait.
Unidentified woman holding her deceased infant. The hand-woven coverlet, a traditional Shenandoah Valley textile, was probably deliberately chosen for this image.
Everett Wisman in his U.S. Army uniform, pictured with his three sisters: Ruth Virginia Wisman Dysart (top right), Mary "Snookie" Wisman Hoover, and Lois Wisman Ryman.
Left to right: Richard Henry Painter (1893-1978) pictured with his daughter, Mildred (born in 1914), and his wife, Grace Catherine Wisman (born in 1895).
L to R: Virgie Catherine Tisinger Lantz (1883-1969) pictured with her husband, William Warren Lantz (1877-1947), and their daughter, Winona Lantz Hollar. Winona Lantz married Cecil Hollar. Virgie Tisinger was the daughter of Robert Tisinger, who was…
Unidentified woman with a toddler on her lap and a young girl standing beside her.

Probably a mother with her children.
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