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Damaged portrait of an unidentified woman wearing a hat and earrings posed beside a young boy with a handkerchief sticking out his coat pocket.

This was probably a mother with her son.
Portrait of an unidentified man, seated beside Sadie Clements.
Portrait of an unidentified man and woman with two young girls posed between them.

Probably, this was a family portrait.
Photograph of an unidentified and aged woman sitting in a chair with two unidentified men (perhaps her sons) beside her and boy (perhaps her grandson) standing behind her.

There is a cake visible on the table on the porch behind the boy's head.
Two unidentified girls, possibly sisters, seated together and sharing an open book.
Unidentified man, seated, with a young girl standing in front of him. An unidentified woman holding a baby is seated on a wicker bench next to the other two.

Resemblance indicates this was a family group photograph.
Photo of an older photograph of an unidentified older woman, a younger man, and a baby.

Possibly, this was a photograph of three generations.
Unidentified girl with a bow in her hair standing beside an unidentified woman (possibly her mother) who is seated.
Unidentified man and woman, seated, with two young children standing in front of them.

This was probably a family portrait.
Photograph of an unidentified man seated on a bench with his arm around a young boy seated beside him.

Probably, this was a father and son.
Family photograph of George Edward, Sr., and his wife, Mary (Harrington) Morrison seated on a bench outside. Both are looking at their son, George E. Morrison, Jr., who is standing by his mother.

George Sr. was the son of photographer Hugh Jr.…
Photograph of two unidentified men seated on a bench with an unidentified woman standing behind them.

Probably, this was a family photograph.
Portrait of Ann Foltz (standing back middle) posed with her father, mother and siblings.
Pictured (l to r) Paul LeDane and his mother Isabell Shillingburg. Both were from Fort Valley.
Unidentified woman posed cheek-to-cheek with an unidentified little girl.

Family resemblance indicates this was probably a mother with her daughter.
Unidentified young boy seated on a table with an older girl standing beside him.

Probably, these were siblings.
Unidentified woman, seated, with two unidentified young girls standing on either side of her.

This was likely a grandmother with two granddaughters.
The name, "Mrs. Robt Jewell" is written on the glass plate of this image of a woman with her two children.
Two unidentified young boys, both wearing suits and ties.

Resemblance between the two indicates they were probably brothers.
Unidentified woman seated on a bench and holding an unidentified toddler on her lap.

Probably, this was a mother with her child.
Photograph of Pete Blentson with his two children: Angelo (on the left), and Helen (on the right).

The girl in the center is unknown, but may be one of several of Pete’s nieces who lived with them at various times after immigrating from Greece.…
Photograph of an unidentified boy and younger girl standing together on a bench. A stuffed dog is on the bench between them.

Probably, these were siblings.
Photo of a photograph of Matilda Catherine (Fadeley) Rhinehart, seated, with (standing l to r) John William Coffelt (Matilda's son-in-law), his wife and Matilda's daughter, Lue Rhinehart Coffelt, and their daughter (Matilda's granddaughter), Olive…
Four unidentified people standing together on the porch of a house.

Possibly, these were siblings.
Unidentified woman posed on a bench with three unidentified children around her. All are looking intently at the open book in front of them.

Probably, this was a family photograph.
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