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Portrait of Mr. Lewis MacAfee (1904-1968), seated with a book, next to his wife, Elsie (Pye) McAfee (1909-1994). They were married in Woodstock in October 1926.

The family moved to Washington D.C. in the 1930s but when Lewis died there, he was…
Unidentified woman sitting on grass outside with a shirtless little boy seated in a cart next to her.
Photo of an older photograph of three unidentified people. A man is seated and two women are standing beside him. The younger of the two women has her arm on his shoulder.

Probably a family portrait.
Photograph of an unidentified family posed on the porch of a house. The yard around the house is well maintained and there appears to be a fenced-in garden in front of the house.
Photograph of the Oscar Hottel Farm near Woodstock. Pictured left to right are: Allie Feagans Hottel, her husband, Charles Hottel, their daughter, Helen Hottel Fahnestock, and their son, W. Jacob Hottel.

Some of the family's livestock, crops, and…
Five unidentified little girls posed in descending heighth with the tallest on the left.

Family resemblance is visible. These are probably sisters.
Photograph of a page from a book or album with the heading, "Kinder". The text is in German and appears to document the births of children in 1871, 1874, 1876, 1878, 1879, and 1891.
Photograph of a group of people, possibly an extended family, sitting standing near a body of water. The four individuals on the right are wearing bathing suits.
Photograph of the Reverend T. A. Thomas and his family standing on the porch of a house sometime before 1930.

Reverend Thomas was a pastor at Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock, Virginia in the 1920s and 1930s. He was born around 1883 and…
Photograph of a small house built on the side of a steep hill.

An unidentified, child, and man holding a rifle stand in front of the house. Another unidentified man stands in the foreground. A garden is also visible.

The house appears to be…
Photograph looking up a steep hill of a house with an unidentified woman and child in the doorway. Two other unidentified men are standing outside to the left of the image. One of the men is holding a rifle. A garden is also visible.

The house…
Eight unidentified adults and four children standing outside a house.

Possibly, this is a family group.
Portrait of Helen (Morrison) Booker, her father, the photographer Hugh Morrison, Jr., and her baby daughter, Grace Booker.
Unidentified woman wearing glasses seated with a young unidentified girl standing beside her.
Portrait of Robert "Bob" Riddleberger with his wife, Nancy (French) Riddleberger, and their son, Robert Riddleberger, Jr. Bob Riddleberger and his family moved from Edinburg to Strasburg. There, he ran a store which was eventually taken over by his…
Photograph of an unidentified family group posed in two rows in a studio.
A photograph of five of Hugh Morrison, Jr.'s children in front of the Morrison home (305 North Main Street in Woodstock). There is snow on the ground and one of the children is seated on a sleigh. One child is standing next to a dog. There is a woman…
A portrait of the Barrick family. Pictured left to right in the back row, standing, are Alma Wakeman Barrick and Brook Barrick. Pictured left to right in the front row, sitting, are John "Harry" Barrick and Betty Barrick (Estep). The family lived in…
Portrait of an unidentified woman seated on a studio bench with her arms around a young unidentified boy.

Probably, a mother with her son.
Portrait of Maynard Bauman Eastep (1900-1958), his wife, Katie "Lottie" Mabel (Dinges) Eastep (1902-1970), and their young son, Galen Lee.

Maynard Eastep was the son of Luther Monroe and Sarah Catherine (Hamman) Eastep. He worked as a hospital…
Unidentified woman seated on a studio bench with her five children arrayed around her.
Portrait of an unidentified young boy leaning on a bench with an older girl wearing glasses beside him. Possibly, they are siblings.
Portrait of two unidentified boys. The younger one is seated on a bench and the older one is standing beside him. Family resemblance is visible. These are likely brothers.
Portrait of an unidentified woman, seated, with a young boy standing next to her. This is probably a mother with her son.
Portrait of an unidentified woman, seated, with a young girl perched beside her on the arm of the bench. This is probably a mother and daughter.
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