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Postcard showing the Lincoln Family Homestead near Harrisonburg Virginia

Photograph showing the "Hottel Keller Memorial Association" on August 23, 1934. The photograph was taken by Woodstock photographer Hugh Morrison during the family's reunion held at an unknown location. The memorial association later became the…

Photographic postcard showing Rena Frances Coffelt. The image was produced by Woodstock photographer Hugh Morrison and is undated.

Rena Coffelt was born September 19, 1916 in Woodstock Virginia. On April 12, 1938 she married Ernest Albert Copp, a…
Portrait of a couple, possibly married. Unidentified man is seated and wearing a suit. Unidentified woman wears a flowered corsage, hat, and is holding a purse.
The Whetsel family pictured, left to right, Edward, John, Howard, Earl, Virginia, Julia (Heishman) with Bessie on her lap.
George C. Reynolds, seated with his family. His daughter, Thelma, is at the bottom of the image. His son, Merle, is on the lap of his wife, Gertrude A. Long Reynolds.
Portrait of an unidentified family group
Portrait of unidentified man and woman with unidentified toddler between them.
Unidentified woman holding a baby, both wearing white clothing.
Portrait of unidentified man and woman.
Unidentified man, child, and woman, sitting or standing by a bench.
Unidentified man standing in a suit and unidentified woman in a white dress and hat standing beside each other.
Two unidentified young girls, one standing with large bow in her hair and the other seated.

Resemblance indicates possibly sisters.
Two unidentified girls, side-by-side.

They resemble each other; perhaps sisters.
Two unidentified girls.

They resemble each other; possibly sisters.
Portrait of unidentified man, woman and two young boys.

There is a resemblance; it is likely this is a family.
Two unidentified children, one seated and the other standing.
Portrait of unidentified man, seated, with unidentified woman standing beside him.
Portrait of unidentified older man with beard and cane and young child beside him.
Three unidentified young girls, standing side-by-side.

There is a resemblance; subjects are likely sisters.
Group of seven unidentified people including two men, three women, and two children.

Probably a family portrait.
Unidentified woman standing and holding unidentified baby in long white gown.
Unidentified boy in breeches standing next to young girl in white dress.

Possibly brother and sister.
Left to right: James R. Foster, Catherine L. Foster Cook, and Frances R. Foster.
Four unidentified women and one unidentified men sitting or standing together in a yard.

Possibly a group family photograph.
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