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Miniature photograph of Hattie Fravel. The image is dated on the reverse "January 3, 1898."

Hattie was a resident of Woodstock Virginia.
Photograph of a second grade class that met in a building at the west end of Lawyers' Row. The Walton Law Office and the Wickham house are visible in the background. The teacher in this image was Agnes Fravel.
Portrait of Dr. Roy Clyde Fravel (1882-1951), son of Charles F. and Ida (Hottel) Fravel. He married Adelaide Smith and their only son, Peyton Fravel, was killed during WWII in France. Dr. Fravel is buried in Massanutten Cemetery in Woodstock.
Portrait of Irving "Swifty" Fravel as a young man. He was from Woodstock, Virginia.
Portrait of Elda Estelle Fravel (1902-1993). She was the daughter of Benjamin Edward and Mary Elizabeth (Ryman) Fravel. Elda lived a long life and never married. She is buried in the cemetery of St. Johns United Church of Christ in Harrisville, west…
Photo of a photograph of Alva Fravel wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Portrait of Charles Monroe Fravel, son of Thomas H. Fravel and Nettie Carey Funkhouser. Charles was born on March 11, 1917, in Woodstock and died in Basye on January 16, 2005. He married a young woman named Mabel from Orkney Springs and moved to…
Portrait of John Preston Fravel wearing a suit. A pen is visible in his breast pocket.
Photo of a photo of the Fravel family taken in the studio. Pictured are: (l to r) Benjamin Fravel, his daughter, Elda, and his wife, Mary.
Portrait of William Silas Getz in his U.S. Army uniform and his wife, Florine Fravel Getz.
Mr. Fravel shown here wearing his U.S. Army uniform from the WWI era.
Portrait of Gladys Hottle Fravel as a young woman.
Merville Fravel as a young boy. He was the only son of Hubert Fravel and Lucy Clark Fravel, who farmed west of Woodstock, VA.
Sallie Gochenour Fravel wearing a white dress and locket. Sallie had a sister named Cora Gochenour.
Linden Alton Fravel at a year old.

Son of William Dallas Fravel and Olive Catherine Stultz Fravel. They lived on a farm west of Woodstock.
Gladys Hottle Fravel as a young girl
Ellen Fravel Coffelt was sister to Annie Fravel Bowman. (Annie was the mother of Nellie Bowman "Mayme" B. Santmiers, Ada B. Zirkle, Myron Bowman, and Casper Bowman). Ellen and Annie's mother was a Painter from Indian Fort Farm.

Receipt acknowledging payment from George Fravel to Philip Spengler for taxes in 1820. Both lived in Shenandoah County.

The amount paid included 2 levies, 2 slaves, 5 horses, 351 acres of land, and 2 lots.

The receipt is dated September 12,…
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