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Photograph of Mrs. Mary Hollingsworth Grabill in her home. She is sitting on a chair and crocheting, which she loved to do. There is a Christmas tree covered in tinsel visible behind her.

Mrs. Grabill married John Henry Grabill and they had a…
Studio photograph of Captain John H. Grabill, Confederate veteran, and the first Superintendent of Shenandoah County Public Schools. He was also the publisher of the Shenandoah Herald Newspaper in Woodstock for many years.

John Grabill was the son…
Group of Woodstock High School students at the main entrance to the school. A few have been identified. They are: French Boyer (upper left), Josephine Newman (below French), Louis Glenn Locke (on French's left), Margaret Grabill (upper center). The…
Photograph of a type of fruit processing machine manufactured by the Grabill Plant located at the South Square of Woodstock. This business was eventually taken over by the FMC Corporation.
Portrait of Mary Lytle Hollingsworth Grabill taken in her home where she is crocheting, something she loved to do. A Christmas tree is visible behind her. Mrs. Grabill married John H. Grabill and they had a daughter named Eleonor Grabill Haun. She…
Portrait of Donna Grabill as a young woman.
Portrait of Donna Grabill as a young woman.
Portrait of Nellie Funk Grabill with bobbed hair and wearing pearls. She was the wife of Jack Grabill.
Portrait of Phil Grabill of Woodstock.
Ada "Posie" Dyer, wife of Warren Boxley, with her young sister, Katy, and John H. "Jack" Grabill. Posie worked as the housekeeper for Captain John H. Grabill and his wife, Mary. Their home was located on North Main Street in Woodstock. Jack was…
Eleonor Hollingsworth Grabill, born May 3, 1888, married Jacob Haun on February 27, 1918. She was the daughter of Captain Jno. H. Grabill and Mary Lytle Hollingsworth Grabill
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