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Portrait of Margaret Elizabeth Hoffman.
Portrait of Thomas Andrew Hoffman in his later years. He married Kate Balthis who died in 1890. They had several children together: Frank, Russell, and Milton Hoffman, Minnie Evans, Mayme Downey, Catherine Mantz, and Lottie Wrenn. Thomas Andrew…
Photograph of the home of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman in Woodstock. Dr. Hoffman worked as a family doctor. He and his family were active members of the St. Paul's Reformed Church in Woodstock. This church is now called St. Paul's United Church of…
Portrait of Milton S. Hoffman, Sr. wearing a bow tie. His wife was Lizzie Foltz Hoffman.
Portrait of Alese Selma Hoffman Coffman, first wife of Linden Coffman.
Portrait of Milton "Milt" Samuel Hoffman, Jr. (born July 5, 1920 and died January 9, 1996) wearing his U.S. Army uniform. His wife's name was Ann and he was from the Woodstock-Edinburg area. The photo was taken when he entered his WWII service.
Alese Selma Hoffman as a young lady. She later married a man named Coffman.
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