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Martha Hoover seated on a bench.
Everett Wisman in his U.S. Army uniform, pictured with his three sisters: Ruth Virginia Wisman Dysart (top right), Mary "Snookie" Wisman Hoover, and Lois Wisman Ryman.
Portrait of Elwood Burner as a young man. He was the husband of Rachel Hoover Burner.
Group photograph of Pleasant Grove School's class of 1911-1912. Zelia Mae Hoover Wakeman is the first girl on the left in the second row. she attended the Pleasant Grove School through 7th grade. Her teacher was Perry F. Crabill.
Mostly unidentified students from the Pleasant Grove School's class of 1910-1911 are posed outside the school. The first girl in the 2nd row is Zelia Mae Hoover Wakeman.
Ethel Stultz was the daughter of Luther Abbott Stultz and Minerva Wolverton, both from St. Luke, Virginia. She married Earl Hoover.
Della Hoover from Woodstock. Her siblings were Myrtle (Morrison Photo 00892), Harry, Edna, Granville, and Earl Hoover.
Myrtle Hoover from Woodstock. Her siblings were Della (Morrison Photo 00893), Edna, Harry, Granville, and Earl.
Portrait of Harry Hoover standing beside a chair

carol 1979 Frank Hoover.jpg
Photograph showing Frank Hoover and prize winning sheep at the 1979 Shenandoah County Fair.
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