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Nevin P. Dellinger was born in New Market in 1932. He graduated from New Market High School in 1950 and the same year enlisted in the US Army for a three year period.

Dellinger deployed to Korea as a part of the 15th Infantry Division where he…

This photo shows Corporal Linden Zirkle of New Market fusing a tank mine somewhere in South Korea. It appeared on the front page of the September 7, 1950 Shenandoah Herald. At the time the United States forces in Korea were attempting to stop the…

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Pictured here is Jacob C. Saylor (left) with his Army buddy Corporal Lippki. Both were machine gunners in the Korean War. The image appeared in the Shenandoah Herald.

Jacob C. Saylor was a New Market native that deployed to Korea on July 31st…

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A picture of Harold "Sparky" Sutphin. It appeared in the Shenandoah Herald when they reported he had been killed in action on November 9, 1950. He was 20 years old.

Harold had deployed to Korea as part of 38th Infantry Division which was…

This photograph, taken by local photographer Hugh Morrison, shows Harold Ritenour of Woodstock.

Harold Ritenour was born in Woodstock Virginia on March 25 1925. He served first in World War Two with the United States Marine Corps. After the war…

This photograph, taken by local photographer Hugh Morrison of Woodstock, shows Eugene Carson Ritenour, US Army, and his family.

Eugene Carson Ritenour was born in Woodstock on May 7, 1927. After graduating from Woodstock High School, he joined…

This photograph, taken by Hugh Morrison, shows Charles R. “Dick” Cooley of Woodstock.

Cooley was born in 1925 and graduated from Woodstock High School in 1943. He was deployed to Korea in 1950 as part of the 2nd Infantry Division. Late in that…

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A picture of James E. McKenzie, US Army. It appeared in the Shenandoah Herald on September 7, 1950 when the paper announced he had been killed in action in Korea. On September 7, 1950 the Shenandoah Herald Private James E. McKenzie, 18, of Quicksburg…
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