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Unidentified man pictured outside a house wearing a jacket boots, and hat. A rifle is in the crook of one arm and he is holding the leads for four dogs with the other.
Alton Plauger was the son of William and Amanda Plauger.
Andrew "Andy" Coverstone shown in his U.S. Army uniform.
Photo of a framed photo of an unidentified soldier sitting beside an unidentified woman. His uniform indicates he was a Sergeant with the Army Air Force.
Photograph of Asa Allen Sheetz with a rifle and holding a dead game bird. Mr. Sheetz married Mary Elizabeth Dirting and was known locally as a Taxidermist, Orchardist, Inventor, and Farmer.
Photograph of Asa Allen Sheetz, taken from the side, showing a rifle slung over his shoulder that is carrying a dead turkey.
Portrait of Atwell Frye holding a Confederate flag. He served with the 52 Va. Militia during the Civil War. Mr. Frye was, at one time, the oldest living Confederate soldier in Shenandoah County. He lived in the Pleasant Grove community and had a son…
Portrait of Bill Allen as a young man.
Portrait of Burtelle W. Fansler, Sr.
Byron Luther Rudy as a young man and wearing his U.S. Army uniform. He lived from 1924-1993 and served in the Army as a Private. His shoulder patch indicates he was part of the Glider Infantry in the WWII era.
C.V. Shoemaker was a Superintendent of Schools in Shenandoah County.
Portrait of C.V. Shoemaker, Superintendent of Schools in Shenandoah County.
Portrait of C.O. Hite, seated.
Unidentified man wearing a U.S. Army uniform and standing beside a pennant with the words "Camp Lee" visible on it.
Carroll Burner (left) shown with an unidentified friend. Mr. Burner grew up in Edinburg and, in 2003, worked as a house painter in Quicksburg, Virginia.
Portrait of Carroll Estep in his U.S. Army uniform.
Casper Moomaw shown in his uniform. The insignia on his sleeve indicates he was attached to the 32nd Army Infantry "Red Arrow" Division in the WWI timeframe.
Charles Spitler grew up in Woodstock. He is pictured here with his guitar.
Portrait of Clarence "Sam" Golliday taken in the 1920's.
Clarence Hottle Larkin, nicknamed "Jimmy", was born on May 11, 1892 and died August 21, 1956. He lived in Columbia Furnace, and had a younger brother named Robert Larkin.
Pictured l to r: Edward Hottle, Mate Clem Lemaster, Margaret Clem Tysinger, and Jacob Brian Clem.
Portrait of Clyde Dellinger.
Photograph of an obituary for Cornelius Bowers (1836.-1935) . Mr. Bowers lived in Woodstock and had for many years, worked for the Raymond & Campbell Stove Company. He was also a blacksmith and boilermaker. His wife died in 1916. In his later years,…
Portrait of unidentified young man wearing a U.S. Army uniform that indicates he is a Corporal.
Daniel F. Burner, Sr (left), seated beside his son, Daniel F. Burner, Jr. Both men are wearing U.S. Army uniforms. Mr. Burner, Sr., was a graduate of Massanutten Military Academy (MMA), served as Mayor of Woodstock, and worked as an antiques dealer.…
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