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Photographic postcard showing six men and two automobiles in Strasburg Virginia.

Four of the six men have been identified. They are, from left to right H.C. Borden, Lewis Armel, ?, George Guthridge, Alonzo Stickley, and ?. All four identified men…

Unidentified group of men working at an unidentified barrel-making plant.

Photograph of two unknown men with a young horse right outside a barn. Farm tools are visible in the background. The photograph was taken ca. 1929.

On the back of the photograph, someone wrote the number 4.

Photograph of a young man.


Photograph of Linden Malcolm Winesburg sitting outside.

Mary Ann Williamson wrote about Linden and his family in her book, The History of Edinburg, Virginia. In the book, she notes that the Winesburg family were prominent tinsmithers in Edinburg.…

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Photograph of six men standing and sitting by a car. On the back of the photo, someone has indicated that the picture was taken some time in the 1930s.

The six men are Herschel Keplinger, Irvin Mowery, Charles Prather, Ben Mumaw, James Edward…

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Photograph of an unidentified man holding a young child outside.

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Twelve small portrait photographs contained on a single sheet.

The photographs show three male and two female subjects. All five are unidentified.

The reverse of the sheet is labeled "Robert Furr., Hawkinstown, 2Va." It is uncertain if Robert…

Photograph of five men working with a railroad crane to install a piece of the railroad trestle crossing Toms Brook in the Town of Toms Brook Virginia.

The photograph was taken in 1924 when the trestle was reconstructed.
Unidentified man with waxed mustache and high collar, portrait
Two unidentified young men in vests and jackets, portrait
Unidentified Young Man in suit and striped tie
Two unidentified men wearing cowboy hats and suits
Unidentified Man with mustache
Unidentified Man with mustache wearing suit with bow tie
Unidentified Man with mustache, sideburns, and wire spectacles
Unidentified young man
Young man with starched white collar and tie, portrait.
Image of three separate portraits put side by side
Portrait of man seated wearing buttoned up jacket and bow tie
Portrait of young man wearing glasses and striped suit
Portrait of young man with mustache and wearing suit with vest and starched collar
Portrait of young man wearing suit with high collar
Portrait of unidentified young man, teen-aged.
Portrait of unidentified boy, seated on chair
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