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Photograph of the students from Bowmans Crossing School about 1911. They are identified as:
1st row (l to r): Ruth Baker, Raymond Baker, Medger Bowers, Clarence ?, Joe Bowers, Fred Grandstaff (Tip Downey), and Mertie Bowers.
2nd Row: Buford…
Left to right: Richard Henry Painter (1893-1978) pictured with his daughter, Mildred (born in 1914), and his wife, Grace Catherine Wisman (born in 1895).
Portrait of Lee Painter (born Rockingham County 1874 - died 1951) with unidentified woman, (possibly Alice Fisher, his girlfriend at the time photo was taken). Lee Painter was a farmer and lived in Mt. Jackson. He married Ethel Jordan in 1919 and…
Ellen Fravel Coffelt was sister to Annie Fravel Bowman. (Annie was the mother of Nellie Bowman "Mayme" B. Santmiers, Ada B. Zirkle, Myron Bowman, and Casper Bowman). Ellen and Annie's mother was a Painter from Indian Fort Farm.
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