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Unidentified lunch counter with limited seating.
Interior view of a restaurant or diner in Shenandoah County. Paneling is visible on the walls and ceiling. Bar stools are along the back counter and a table is in the foreground.
Interior view of a restaurant. A lunch counter and bar stools can been seen. The menu is posted on the wall behind and a vintage cash register is on the counter. An advertisement for Royal Crown Cola sits at the entryway to another room on the right.
Photo of William Acevedo's application for a Merchant, Restaurant, and Tobacco business license from 1950. His business, called "Toms Brook Lunch", was in Toms Brook.
Photograph showing plates, cups, and other items inside an unidentified restaurant kitchen, possibly at a counter.
Photograph showing the bar at the Val-Vista Restaurant with an unidentified patron and three unidentified workers.
Postcard showing the dining room at Tidler's Restaurant in New Market Virginia. The restaurant was billed as the place "Where Travelers Meet and Eat." Owners were Calvin and Bob Tilder. The restaurant was located 9403 Market Street in New Market.
Postcard showing O'Roark's Restaurant in New Market Virginia. Includes labels "Home of Good Cooking" and "Virginia Ham a Specialty"
Before there was television, mass photography, and social media there were postcards.

Starting in the early 20th century they became popular forms of communication. Over the next few decades the became primarily associated with tourism as…
Postcard showing the MD Restaurant and Motel located near New Market Virginia.
Postcard photograph showing the Johnny Appleseed figure in front of the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant & Lounge in New Market Virginia. The restaurant, located adjacent to the Quality Inn, operated from 1972 until 2016.
Postcard showing M D's Cabins and Restaurant located on US Route 11 located 1 1/2 miles north of New Market Virginia. The motel featured hot water heat, radios, and a restaurant that served the "famous" Chicken in the Rough dish.
Postcard showing a drawing of MD's Motel and Restaurant located north of New Market Virginia. The hotel featured hot water heat, a dining room with "home cooking," and a service station with Gulf products.
Postcard showing the Klindt's Mountain Top Cabin Camp and Retaurant located at the summit of Lee Highway on Massanutten Mountain between Luray and New Market Virginia.
Postcard showing the Mt. Top Haven Restaurant and Motel located east of New Market Virginia on US Route 211 at the summit of Massanutten Mountain. The restaurant was noted for its chicken, steak, and seafood while the area contained numerous hiking…
Photographic postcard showing "Mt. Top Haven" on US Route 211 east of New Market VA.

Mt. Top Haven was a tourist camp & restaurant that operated beside US Route 211, Lee Highway, at the top of the Massanutten Mountain. The main building still…
Postcard with an interior photograph of the Family Cafeteria Restaurant in Mt. Jackson Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Hamilton Motel and Restaurant located just south of Woodstock Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Blue Star Diner located just south of Woodstock Virginia. It was moved to Newport News in 1963 and is still standing.
Postcard with a picture of Little Mac's Restaurant.

The restaurant was on the southern edge of Woodstock Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Valley Diner . The diner was located just north of Toms Brook Virginia. According to the card the diner specialized in Home Cooking, country style chicken, steaks, chops, home made pies and cakes. Owned and…
Photographic postcard showing the interior of "The Old Mill Tavern."

Located on Route 11 along the southern border of the Town of Strasburg Virginia, the former mill site has operated as a restaurant for many decades. Today, it is home to the…
Color postcard with a picture of the Strasburg Mill at the time it was home to The Old Mill Tavern restaurant.
Postcard showing a picture of the Strasburg Mill at the time it was home to the Old Mill Tavern restaurant. The card includes a description of the mill and its history.
Postcard showing the Artz Mill, aka the Strasburg Mill, at the time it was home to the Old Mill Tavern restaurant.
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