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Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing the staff inside Walter's Resturant located on Main Street in Mt. Jackson Virginia. From left to right is Joe Walters, Barbara Olinger Walters, Ray Larrick, Melvin Walters, Frances Walters, Selina…
Postcard showing the Howard Johnson Restaurant in Harrisonburg Virginia
Postcard showing the Don-Dee Court Restaurant near New Market Virginia
Postcard showing the Restaurant at the Return Motel-Resort located one mile south of New Market Virginia
Postcard showing Brock's Gap Service located near Broadway Virginia
Postcard showing the Southern Kitchen Restaurant located in New Market Virginia
Color postcard with a picture of the Valley Diner and its dining room. The diner was located just north of Toms Brook Virginia. According to the card the diner specialized in Home Cooking, country style chicken, steaks, chops, home made pies and…
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