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Portrait of Elizabeth Ritenour Coby of Fishers Hill, VA as a young woman. There are aerial gunner wings visible on her lapel.
This Ritenour family portrait shows Bernice (Rhodes) Ritenour with her son, Bernard, on her lap, Opal is seated on her father's lap. Roy M. Ritenour is on the far right.
Portrait of Martha Ritenour Thompson as a young woman with a flower in her hair.
Portrait of Walter W. Paige. Born in Waterlick on June 29, 1881, he married Bessie Ritenour and they lived in a white farmhouse in the northern end of Fort Valley. He died on March 15, 1968 and was buried in Dry Run.

In the 1930's, he built four…
Portrait of Fannie Myrtle Dinges Conner of Fort Valley and her daughter, Mary Jeanette Conner Ritenour.
Portrait of Lillian Ritenour Bowers as a young woman.
Portrait of Eva Mae Boyer Ritenour who married Claude Ritenour of Fort Valley.
Robert L. Clem wearing his U.S. Army uniform and standing beside his wife, Mae McClanahan Clem. Mr. Clem was born on August 6, 1891 and served in WWI. His wife was born on November 30, 1897, and was the daughter of Sarah Ann Ritenour and Mayberry…
The name, "Ritenour", was written on the glass plate. He is shown here in his U.S. Army uniform.
Portrait of Edward Tamkin and his wife, Marybell Ritenour Tamkin.
Portrait of Shirley Ritenour Snow, of Woodstock, as a young woman.
Photograph of Harry Ritenour's Blacksmith shop in Maurertown with several unidentified people, horses, and a buggy shown.
Blacksmith William Harrison "Harry" Ritenour, standing in the doorway of his shop in Maurertown. He is holding his young daughter, Mary Frances Ritenour Crabtree. His son, Wilmer Ritenour is standing beside him.
Charles Adam Ritenour, on the left, with his older brother, Clyde Wayne Ritenour. They were from Fort Valley.
Unidentified young girl seated on a bench. The name, "J.L. Ritenour" appears on the glass plate.
Wesley Glen Ritenour married Isabel I. Funk and had at least one son named George.
Portrait of an unidentified woman. Although she has been tentatively identified as Martha Jane Burner Ritenour, there is not enough information to confirm it.
Martha was daughter of John J. Burner and Ellen Smith Burner. Her first husband was Milton Ritenour and her second husband was Mayberry Clem.
Husband of Nettie Ritenour

This photograph, taken by local photographer Hugh Morrison, shows Harold Ritenour of Woodstock.

Harold Ritenour was born in Woodstock Virginia on March 25 1925. He served first in World War Two with the United States Marine Corps. After the war…

This photograph, taken by local photographer Hugh Morrison of Woodstock, shows Eugene Carson Ritenour, US Army, and his family.

Eugene Carson Ritenour was born in Woodstock on May 7, 1927. After graduating from Woodstock High School, he joined…
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