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Unpaved mountain road headed up the hill. Trees are on both sides of the lane.
View looking uphill on a mountain road. Sides of the road are forested.
View of a dirt lane or driveway leading to a building in the distance. A picket fence and shade trees line both sides of the road.
View of an unidentified road with mountains visible in the distance and agricultural fields on both sides.
A photograph of an unidentified person driving an early road roller on what appears to be the Valley Turnpike, now US Highway 11.

The glass plate appears to have been damaged.
Photograph of a road. There is a house and mountains visible in the background.
View up the hill of an unpaved mountain road with trees on both sides.
View of North Street, looking west, as it climbs the hill just past the Town Run.

"Bank's Fort," a Civil War fortification dating to 1862 can be seen at the top, right of the image.

The house in the foreground and far left are still standing…

Photograph of three men performing construction work on a side walk along Main Street (US Route 11) in Woodstock Virginia. Dated September 1980.

Label on rear reads "Mr. Murdock in Stocking Co Sido Walk _ Bank Main St."

Sometime in the early 20th century, a group of automobile owners met in Toms Brook Virginia and organized the Shenandoah County Automobile Association.

According to this printed copy of their constitution and bylaws, the purpose of the…
Postcard showing the Valley Pike in New Market Virginia
Postcard showing the Mountain Spring Park located on the Lee Highway near New Market Virginia.

The house was the last structure before the New Market Gap and was demolished around 1950 when the road was altered.
Postcard showing the road leading to Bryce's Cottages in Bayse Virginia.
Postcard showing a stretch of highway along a stream near Bryce's in Bayse Virginia.
Postcard showing the stretch of the Valley Turnpike between Mt. Jackson and New Makret near Rude's Hill.
Postcard showing a view of the Valley Turnpike just south of Mt. Jackson Virginia
Postcard showing a view of the Valley Turnpike north of New Market Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of an unknown road in Edinburg Virginia.
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