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Portrait of Truman and Hilda (Santmiers) Kibler when they were young.

William Truman Kibler was from Edinburg, the son of William Rodney and Lucy Dell (Riffey) Kibler. He married Hilda Catherine Santmiers in February 1938 in Woodstock. She was…
Photo of a framed photograph of Imogene Santmiers, daughter of George and Mayme Bowman Santmiers. She had a brother named Elwood.
Portrait of Dr. Frank Wilson Gearing, Sr., son of Marcellus and Mary Santmiers Gearing. Frank was born in about 1892 and married his first wife, Bertha Whalley in 1917. They had two sons together: Frank Gearing Jr. and John K. Gearing. Bertha died…
Ellen Fravel Coffelt was sister to Annie Fravel Bowman. (Annie was the mother of Nellie Bowman "Mayme" B. Santmiers, Ada B. Zirkle, Myron Bowman, and Casper Bowman). Ellen and Annie's mother was a Painter from Indian Fort Farm.
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