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1st Grade - JPEG - 1959 - 60.jpg
Photograph of the First Grade Class at Toms Brook School in 1959.

2nd grade 1959-60  Jpeg.jpg
Picture of the second grade class at the Toms Brook School during the 1959-1960 school year.

2nd Grade - JPEG - . 1960-61.jpg
Picture of the Second Grade at the Toms Brook School during the 1960-1961 school year.

3rd grade 1961-62  Jpeg.jpg
Picture of the Third Grade Class at Toms Brook School during the 1961-1962 school year.
Postcard with a picture of the Academy building in Strasburg Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Administration Building (now Sperry Hall) at Massanutten Academy, now military academy, in Woodstock Virginia.

Photograph showing Anna Lee Emswiler. Taken from the 1957 Triplett High School Yearbook. It noted Anna was a "Lee Class Office," Beta Club Officer, FHA Officer, on the Paper and Annual Staffs, and a member of the school's SCA.

Center Street to Mayor Rau's on Main.
Five photographs showing various portions of Edinburg Virginia following a snow story. The pictures are dated April 11, 1918. They include images of the Cedar Hill Academy, Piccadilly Street, Main Street, and Center Street. All were taken by an…
Postcard showing the athletic field at the New Market High School in New Market Virginia
Postcard with a picture showing the interior of Massanutten Academy's (now Massanutten Military Academy) auditorium located in Lantz Hall.

Invoice from Lester W. Hansberger of Mt. Jackson Virginia issued to the Shenandoah County School Board for Shake Kindling. The items were sent to the Mt. Jackson "Colored School."

It was approved by B.E. Nelson, school trustee and paid on April…
Photograph showing the legs of two boxers involved in a match. The match was held in the Woodstock High School gymnasium on an unknown date.
Photograph showing a boxing match inside the Woodstock High School gymnasium.
Photograph showing a boxing match inside the Woodstock High School gymnasium.
Photograph showing a boxing match inside the Woodstock High School gymnasium.

Photographs showing a large crowd around the school in Calvary Virginia west of Woodstock sometime around 1920. The event the crowd is attending is unknown.
Color postcard with a picture of Central High School located in Woodstock Virginia and constructed in 1959.

Photograph of several unidentified girls participating in cheer practice at Stonewall Jackson High School in Quicksburg Virginia. The photograph is taken from that school's 1981 yearbook.
Photograph showing a group of unidentified children perfoming at a May Day celebration at the Woodstock School on Court Street.

On May 20, 1927 Strasburg High School’s seniors graduated during commencement exercises held at the Strand Theatre. This invitation was one of numerous cards ordered by the class’s 38 graduates. Originally the event seems to have been planned for…

Scan of an elementary certificate issued to Conrad Allen Helsley for successfully completing the course of study at Toms Brook Elementary School. It was issued on May 31, 1963.
Photograph showing a decorated stage in the Woodstock High School gymnasium.
Postcard showing a photograph of the Edinburg Grade School in Edinburg Virginia. The building is no longer standing.

Card announcement for the Edinburg High School Class of 1918 Graduation Ceremonies.

Item is two sided and folds into an envelope shape with image 19-0103-003 being the reverse. Card was never posted.

Contains information about the class…
Postcard showing a pennant with "EHS" printed on it.
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