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Portrait of Corporal Stanley Sine as a young man. He was later promoted to Captain and served in the 29th Infantry Division of the Virginia National Guard. He also worked as an ROTC instructor at MMA.
The name, "Marilyn Sine", is written at the bottom of the glass plate on this photo of a photograph of a woman.
Photograph of the enlisted record for Stanley L. Sine that shows he enlisted as a Sergeant on April 10th, 1941, in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a single man whose character was described as "Excellent". His assignment was Infantry Officer Candidate…
Photograph of Stanley L. Sine's 1942 promotion from the U.S. Army's enlisted branch (Sergeant) to the Officer Corps (2nd Lieutenant ). To promote him, the Army issued an Honorable Discharge from the enlisted branch. Stanley Sine was born in Woodstock…
Portrait of William N. Andrick in his U.S. Army uniform. Mr. Andrick was the son of John W. Andrick and Hannah Sine Andrick.

This is a family register belonging to the Fadely family. The register was a page from the family Bible. The page lists names and dates of births.

The page lists Sybilla Fadely, who was born April 20, 1828; Uriah Jonathan Fadely, who was born…
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