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Document appointing Joseph W. Evans Postmaster of Edinburg Virginia. He was appointed on July 29, 1868. This document was signed by St. John Bull Skinner, acting postmaster general on August 11 1868.

Joseph Evans would serve as postmaster in…

Scan of the Triplett Trumpeter from May 24, 1943. The Trumpeter was a newspaper produced by the students and staff of Triplett High School in Mt. Jackson Virginia. Four (4) pages total.

Scan of an elementary certificate issued to Conrad Allen Helsley for successfully completing the course of study at Toms Brook Elementary School. It was issued on May 31, 1963.

Photograph by Hugh Morrison showing the dynamiting of the Triplett Dam east of Woodstock on June 19, 1910. The dam was destroyed to alleviate issues caused by extreme flooding. The dam was owned by Dr. J.I. Triplett who has designed it to produce…

Photograph showing a flooded bridge across the North Fork of the Shenandoah River at Red Banks in Shenandoah County. Three unidentified people are standing in the foreground.

Letter from S.D. Crude, resident engineer for the Virginia Department of Highways, to J.W. Garner of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors. The letter informs Garner and the board that the state department of transportation had received approval…

Dog tag produced to mark the marriage of Jo Ann Walters and Frank J. Walters of Edinburg Virginia.

Certificate issued to Franklin J. Walters certifying that is has completed a period of training and active service in the United States Navy during World War Two.

18-0423-01 - Copy.jpg
Undated photograph showing a groups of girls. Labeled as being at the "school on the hill" in New Market Virginia.

Undated photograph showing Walter Boyd driving his auto track that he used as a tractor. Behind the truck is hay rakewith an unidentified individual on board.

This photograph is labeled:

Granddaddy Walter and his Tractor
Picture Boyd taken…

Certificate issued to Franklin J. Walters certifying the decorations, medals, and badges he is entitled to wear to commemorate his service in the Second World War. Signed by H.T. Jones, United States Navy Reserves on June 30 1945.

Certificate of completion for the United States Navy's Seaman First Class Training Course presented to Franklin Joseph Walters on May 22 1944.

Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy issued to Franklin Joseph Walters in October 1945.

Colorized photograph showing the United States Navy Destroyer Charles F. Hughes (DD428) sometime during World War Two. The image was owned by Franklin J. Walters who served aboard the destroyer during the conflict.

Two undated photographs showing an unidentified individual serving as "Santa Claus" for the Shenandoah County Library's annual Christmas holiday program for children. The photographs were taken in the library's original location in the basement of…

00000001 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing two volunteers stocking shelves at the Edinburg Community Library, ca. 1980. At the time the library was located in the former Irvin Building on what is now Piccadilly Street.

Summer Reading Registration.JPG
Photograph showing a group of unidentified volunteers, including one dressed as a clown, registering individuals for the Shenandoah County Library's Summer Reading Program in 2003.

Photograph showing a group of musicians with a drum bearing the name Syncopatin Melody 5 at Massanutten Academy (now Massanutten Military Academy) in Woodstock. The photograph was taken by Hugh Morrison and appears to be in the Academy's Lantz Hall.…

20316 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing a group of musicians with a drum bearing the name "Sir" Syd's Funny Ticklers at Massanutten Academy (now Massanutten Military Academy) in Woodstock. The photograph was taken by Hugh Morrison and appears to be in the Academy's Lantz…

Program for movies shown at the Edinburg Theatre during the week of October 18, 1937. They included New Faces of 1937, One Man Justice, You Can't Have Everything, Born to Dance, and The Outcasts of Poker Flat.

01 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing the New Market Band in 1909. Pictured are, from left to right:

Front row: Lurty Shaver, Pete Henkel, G.C. Dean, Leonard Grabile, ___ Wise

Middle Row:

Ed Rice, Jake Bowman, Elon Linhoss, Earl Lindamood, George Higgs, Ray…

Invitation to a "A Social Dance" to be held at the Holtzman Hall in Edinburg Virginia on June 9, 1899

"Whole Ticket: Saint Luke String Band Concert." Unknown date.

1951 WHS Dance Club pic 2.jpg
Photograph, taken from a 1951 Woodstock High School Yearbook, showing members of school's "Dancing Club" dancing. The caption indicates it was sponsored by Mary Blair Bowman.

Large Group of Marines with Equipment
Photographs showing US Marines of the 4th Marine Division after a training hike at Camp Pendelton in October of 1943.
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