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Letter from Mary Jane Noel of Vaucouleurs, Meuse, France, to Charlotte Sheetz of Edinburg, Virginia, USA.

The letter discusses the war and Charlotte's son Don L. Sheetz who had become acquainted with Mary Jane Noel while serving in France.

Camp Humpries.jpg
On July 26th, 1918 local photographer Hugh Morrison took this photograph of local men preparing to basic training at Camp Humphries, now Fort Belvoir, in Fairfax County Virginia.

It was taken on the steps of the Woodstock Depot. It was from here…

NewMarket Watch TowerSV4-22-1943.jpg
Photograph showing the aircraft observation tower located in New Market Virginia. Such towers were built and staffed by local civil defense groups in order to warn of possible enemy attack and to monitor aircraft over the area. This image appeared in…

In 1915 the German Army released the effective Chlorine gas attack of World War One against British positions in Ypres. Before the end of the war these types of Chemical agents would kill or injure millions of men on both sides.
To combat these…
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