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Letter from Joseph M. Hines, a Toms Brook native who was then serving in the United States Marine Corps, to his parents Duval and Mary Hines in Toms Brook Virginia. The letter was sent from Camp Joseph H. Pendleton in California on October 17, 1943.

A photograph showing Earl Dyer of Woodstock taken by Hugh Morrison of Woodstock.

Earl Franklin Dyer had enlisted in the US Army in May of 1945. A native of Woodstock, he was living in Mananas Virginia at the time because it was the closest High…

Joseph L. Burner - Copy.jpg
An image of Joseph Luther Burner of Maurertown Virginia. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on January 7, 1942 and was trained in Parris Island South Carolina.

On October 26 1942 he was deployed to the Pacific where he served in the…

Edinburg Watch Tower.jpg
Photograph showing the aircraft observation tower located in Edinburg Virginia. Such towers were built and staffed by local civil defense groups in order to warn of possible enemy attack and to monitor aircraft over the area.

2016-07-14 09-38-12.jpg
This newspaper article appeared in the Daily News-Record on July 17, 1942. During that time period, residents of Shenandoah County were fully mobilized to help fight the Second World War. On the Home Front individuals worked in war plants, harvested…
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