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Photograph of the cow "Big Wye" shown by Scott Wisman at the Shenandoah County Fair in 1975.
Anna Elizabeth Wisman was one of two daughters of Nellie Borden Wisman of Toms Brook. Anna later married William Rosenberger of Winchester.
Anna Elizabeth Wisman was one of two daughters of Nellie Borden Wisman of Toms Brook. Anna later married William Rosenberger of Winchester.
Nellie Borden Wisman of Toms Brook holding one of her two daughters, probably Anna Elizabeth Wisman Rosenberger. Anna later married William Rosenberger of Winchester.
Portrait of Everett Wisman as a boy.
Left to right: Richard Henry Painter (1893-1978) pictured with his daughter, Mildred (born in 1914), and his wife, Grace Catherine Wisman (born in 1895).
Everett Wisman in his U.S. Army uniform, pictured with his three sisters: Ruth Virginia Wisman Dysart (top right), Mary "Snookie" Wisman Hoover, and Lois Wisman Ryman.
Portrait of Charlotte Wisman Hisey wearing a blouse with a ruffled collar.
Photo of a photograph of two young friends. On the left is Harry Lee Fleming and on the right is Everett Wisman.
Photo of two separate photographs of William Lee Bushong on horseback. He was the son of Emery and Sarah (Wisman) Bushong. He and two brothers, Gilbert and Forest "Peanut" Bushong, had a ranch in the Snowy Ridge area of Wyoming. Lee was a hunting…
Photograph of Douglas Peer Wisman's Optometry Certificate of Examination from the Virginia State Board of Examiners. The document states that Wisman passed a satisfactory examination in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Eye and was therefore…
Photograph of the Wisman family of Woodstock.

Seated are Walter C. Wisman and his first wife, Irene D. (Saum) Wisman.

Standing behind them are their three children. The daughter is Helen (Wisman) Logadon. On the left is son James E. Wisman…
Family photograph of Walter Calvin Wisman with his wife, Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman and their first born son, James.

Walter C. Wisman was a farmer in the Woodstock area of Shenandoah County. He was the son of Josiah Wisman and Annie D.…
Portrait of John Logsdon and his wife, Helen (Wisman) Logsdon when they were young.

Helen Lucille Wisman was born in Woodstock to Walter Calvin and Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman.

She married John Ligouri Logsdon in 1946 in Washington D.C.

Portrait of Emery Franklin Bushong standing beside his wife, Sarah E. (Wisman) Bushong.

This photograph was taken around the time of their marriage.
Photograph of Thelma V. Richard as a young girl. She was born to James Homer and Anna Delia (Wisman) Richard in Woodstock.

She married a man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina named Richard H. Pfohl in September 1936. He worked for Reynolds…
Portrait of Louise Borden (Wisman) Russell as a young woman.

Louise was the daughter of James Samuel and Nellie May (Borden) Wisman, of Shenandoah County.

She married Robert Glenn Russell (1911-1990) in 1940. He was from Nashville, Tennessee.…
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