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Postcard send by "Jas. Wendel" to E.D. Newman of Woodstock Va. The postcard is dated February 26, 1885 and is postmarked Harrisville VA.

The card details instructions for activities Newman should be carrying out for Wendel.

Envelope and letter written by John Wisman of Woodstock to R.H. Newland of Hamburg Virginia. Dated August 15, 1889.

The letter concerns a construction debt owed by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock to Newland.

Photograph showing the Fourth of July Celebration held on Court Square in Woodstock Virginia. The photograph is dated July 4, 1901. Unknown photographer.

Photograph showing the exterior of the Morrison photography studio and Miller shoe shop located on W. Court Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The photograph was taken in Woodstock.

Undated pamphlet printed by the Shenandoah Valley Loan & Trust Company located in Woodstock Virginia.

The pamphlet outlines products offered by the company including "Time Certificates," its "Savings Department," and "Loans."

Photograph showing the second grade class at the Woodstock School, ca. 1923.

The class was taught by Agnes Fravel in a building on what is commonly called "Lawyer's Row" beside the historic courthouse in Woodstock. This photograph was taken in…

Varsity letter from the Woodstock High School.

"Shenandoahopoly" Board game. Produced in 1989 as a fundraiser for the Woodstock Virginia Rotary Club. The places on the board bear the names of local businesses at the time.

"Shoe horn" bearing an advertisement for "Grabill's Shoe Store" Woodstock Virginia.

The items is also labeled "Crown Master: A Product of Great Atlantic."

Small flag produced as part of festivities commemoration the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the town of Woodstock Virginia.

Flags were produced by the American Legion Post 199 in Woodstock in conjunction with the 250th Anniversary…

In 1975 Dorothy L. Campbell became a clerk at the post office in Woodstock. A Shenandoah Valley-Herald report on her hiring noted she had a high score of over 96 on the Civil Service examination needed to secure that position. According to Postmaster…

Kaye Shelton and her husband Les moved to Shenandoah County from Arlington County in 1973.

Prior to that, Kaye had worked for the Arlington County Police Department as their secretary for 27 years.

The couple found established retirement home…

Photograph showing Company A of the 2nd Virginia Volunteer Regiment after returning from service during the Spanish American War. It is dated December 15, 1898 and was taken by Hugh Morrison.

The company consisted primarily of men from Woodstock…
Undated photograph showing members of Woodstock Virginia's Mt. Zion Methodist Church in costume for a theatrical production. This historically black congregation was established in 1867. They regularly held plays and other performances during the…
Postcard photograph showing Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia. Besides the image of this historically black church, the postcard also shows an inset potrait of ites minister W.H. Polk and the segregated African American School in…
Photograph showing a group of Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) Cadets on the front steps of the school's Lantz Hall.
Photograph showing an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.
Photograph showing a previously developed photograph of an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.
Photograph showing an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.
Photograph showing a football game at Massanutte Military Academy (MMA).
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