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morris 1971 4H Program Cover.jpg
Scan showing the cover of a program for the Shenandoah County 4-H Clubs' "A Salute to Variety" program presented at the Shenandoah County Fair on August 31 1971.

wisman pic 13 front.jpg
Photograph of the cow "Big Wye" shown by Scott Wisman at the Shenandoah County Fair in 1975.
Postcard with a comical saying "I Can't Beer to Leave You." The card is stamped with, and sent from, Woodstock Virginia.

Newspaper clipping showing one of the observation towers built in Shenandoah County during the early part of World War Two. These sites were designed to watch for incoming enemy plans and to monitor US aircraft overhead. They were staffed by…

00000001 - Copy.jpg
In 1930 Web "W.O." Riley and Rev. H.S. Coffey organized the "Scout Tom Cats" football team. This photograph shows the players beside the Woodstock Methodist Church, who sponsored the team, in 1930. Massanutten Academy's coach Leroy Glunt outfitted…

20316 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing a group of musicians with a drum bearing the name "Sir" Syd's Funny Ticklers at Massanutten Academy (now Massanutten Military Academy) in Woodstock. The photograph was taken by Hugh Morrison and appears to be in the Academy's Lantz…

fair book 1917.jpg
Scan of the cover of the First Annual Exhibition Premium Book from the 1917 Shenandoah County Fair.

stamped feather.jpg
Scan of a stamped feather advertising the Shenandoah County Fair in 1933.

bushong 1935 fair book.jpg
Scan of the cover of the 1935 Shenandoah County Fair Premium List Book.

kipps fair book 1957.jpg
Scan of the cover of the 1957 Shenandoah County Fair Premium Book.

carol 1969 booth.jpg
Photograph showing a 1969 4-H exhibit at the Shenandoah County Fair. It highlighted, among other things, the recent moon landing.

morris 1976 4-h cover.jpg
Scan of the 1976 4-H/FFA Dairy Show at the Shenandoah County Fair.

4-H 1-2.jpg
Scan of a photograph showing a 4-H display at the 1990 Shenandoah County Fair.

carol 1970 show Mr Cutlip in overalls.jpg
Photograph of John Cutlip (left) and others at the 1970 4-H show at the Shenandoah County Fair. Cutlip was extension agent at the time and later became the first county administrator.

carol 1970 show.jpg
Photograph showing an unidentified girl and boy performing at the 1970 4-H talent show held at the Shenandoah County Fair.

4-H 1-3.jpg
Scan of a photograph showing a 4-H exhibit at the 1993 Shenandoah County Fair.
Color postcard showing the Seven Bends of the Shenandoah River located near Woodstock Virginia.

Little was recorded about horse-back riding at Massanutten Academy in 1940. Apparently most of it was done at Camp Lupton, the academy’s recreation center and maneuver grounds along the Shenandoah River east of town.

In addition to camping…
Color postcard with a picture of a road and scenery near Woodstock Virginia.

2016-03-25 13-36-22.jpg
Postcard with a picture taken of the Fairview community located just west of Woodstock Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Administration Building (now Sperry Hall) at Massanutten Academy, now military academy, in Woodstock Virginia.

rutz admission tickets.jpg
Scan of an admission ticket from the 1982 Shenandoah County Fair.
Undated photograph showing members of Woodstock Virginia's Mt. Zion Methodist Church in costume for a theatrical production. This historically black congregation was established in 1867. They regularly held plays and other performances during the…

In October of 1913 Frank J. Terrill brought his Curtis Biplane to the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds as part of the fair’s festivities.
This is the first recorded time an airplane passed through Shenandoah County and would have been most local’s…
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