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"Dear Mother" Letter



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"Dear Mother" Letter


Hines, Joseph M. (1923-1969)
Toms Brook (Va)
World War (1939-1945)


Letter to "Dear Mother" from Joseph M. Hines. It was sent from Parris Island Marine Barracks where Joseph was a Marine recruit. The letter is addressed to "Mrs. D.D. Hines" which was Joseph's mother Mary.


Joseph M. Hines


Folder 1.2: Letters to Duval and Mary Hines from Joseph Hines, Parris Island South Carolina, December 1941-December 1942, Joseph M. Hines Collection, 1941-1945, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia, USA.


Shenandoah County Library


December 7, 1942


Susan Hines


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PVT. J.M. Hines
U.S.M.C. Parris Island

Mrs. D.D. Hines
Toms Brook Va

I am out of boot camp now and in the band if I passed the audition. Well I couldn’t write for about a week because you’re not allowed when you ship out. I moved about ½ miles into some swell barracks. Well I got the boxes and thanks Millions. I’ll get paid again the 20th and try to send the $10 then, if you can pay him and I’ll pay you. I get off every night now and every weekend but no can get home. If I can get a 72 hr. leave I’ll try and get home after Christmas. No chance of getting there Christmas. I won’t get to buy very expensive Christmas presents but I’ll send a few, just family and a few friends. Send me the dates of all family birthdays. You know my memory on those things. I had even forgotten my own, til cards started coming. I went to Savannah over the weekend-- didn’t touch a drop either. This Marine Corps. sure is a swell outfit when you’re out of boot camp. I haven’t been issued a clarinet yet. It may be a few weeks before I am. I had written Wallace a letter which he evidently didn’t get so I’ll answer again today. The reason I can’t send that $10 now is because I spent about $15 bucks) for shoes, belt, cap, emblems which we need but aren’t issued during War Time. Tell Sid congratulations and her card arrived about 4 days ago. Well so long till next time Love to all Joe
P.S Dad I’m still waiting for that letter.

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Envelope and Letter (2 pages)


Joseph M. Hines , “"Dear Mother" Letter,” Shenandoah County Library Archives, accessed December 8, 2021,