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"Dear Mother & All" Letter



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"Dear Mother & All" Letter


Hines, Joseph M. (1923-1969)
Toms Brook (Va)
World War (1939-1945)


Letter written to "Dear Mother & All" from Joseph Hines. It was sent from New River North Carolina while Private Hines, USMC, was awaiting deployment overseas. The letter is addressed to "Mrs. D.D. Hines" who is Mary Hines of Toms Brook, Joseph's mother.


Joseph M. Hines


Folder 1.3: Letters, John Hines USMC to Duval and Mary Hines, December 1942, Joseph M. Hines Collection, 1941-1945, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia, USA.


Shenandoah County Library


December 19, 1942


Susan Hines


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PVT J.M. Hines
CO. C/ST. seperate BN.
FMF.TC New River SC.

Mrs. D.D. Hines
Toms Brook

Dear Mother & All
I haven’t heard from you since I was transferred to this base. I don’t know if you received my letter or not but am still waiting for your answer. I’m not going to send any Christmas presents home because I have applied for a furlough starting Jan 4 and going to the 12 and I’ll bring them. You can either send me mine or wait until I get home to give it to me and by the way leave the tree up till I get there. I’m not sure I’ll get the furlough the 4th but I will get one either the first or last of Jan. If I get the furlough I have to have the price of a round trip ticket so please send me as near to $18 as you can but in being transferred and getting the furlough I miss two paydays and won’t get paid until Jan 20 and I need $12 to get home and back. I’ll explain in detail when I get home. I have been invited by the church in Kingston to a Christmas dinner and that’s another reason for the amount needed being $18 instead of $15 or twelve. I may send a telegram for the money so this letter will explain it and if it don’t I will when I get there & and I can pay you back the 20th. And I really need it. The people in the Church in Kingston really are swell and a lady gave my buddy and I a room free every time we come. {the girls are nice too HA} she and her husband had two fellows stay over weekends with them last year and she wants two that don’t drink and are nice again this year. My buddy’s name is Johnny Di Lavose [or Di Lavone] we sang in the choir after church on some special numbers and they think we’re pretty good. {By the way the quickest way to get money here is by telegram I’m broke Ha. Ha.} It’s a Methodist church but tell
Miss Bess F that the Methodist are sure swell down here Ha. The ladies at the USO in Kingston really like me because I complimented them on their fine work and they are getting me in with some of the nicest people in town. One lady is getting me a date with the nicest girl {I think Ha} Well that’s all for now see you soon I hope. Love Joe XXoXXooooXX
P.S. In case you haven’t gotten the point yet your son is broke. More love
XXXXOOO xo for Sid and Joe

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Envelope and letter (4 pages)


Joseph M. Hines , “"Dear Mother & All" Letter,” Shenandoah County Library Archives, accessed December 8, 2021,