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Shenandoah Valley Drive In Pamphlet


Shenandoah Valley Drive In (Woodstock Va)
Woodstock (Va)
Drive-in theaters-Virginia-Woodstock


In 1949 the Shenandoah Valley Drive In Theatre opened just south of Woodstock Virginia. The theater had a single screen, large concession stand, and could accommodate 300 cars.

This operation opened at the time when Drive-In Theatres were becoming exceedingly popular. All across the country individuals flocked to these theatres where they could enjoy movies from inside their own car. Families enjoyed the fact they could view a film while taking care of babies and small children without disturbing other patrons. Teenagers found them to be ideal date sites.

During the 1970s the popularity of these sites began to decline. Competition from televisions, VCRs, and video rentals increased. Rising fuel prices, the introduction of daylights savings time, and growing operating costs reduced profit margins for these seasonal businesses.

Shenandoah Valley Drive In fell victim to these factors and closed in 1983. During the almost 40 years it was in operation, the theater built quite a following. Locals retain many strong memories of watching movies at the site, visiting the concession stand, and enjoying the social aspects of the theatre. In 2000 a self-storage company purchased the land and demolished the screen and remaining buildings.


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