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Oral history interview featuring Willy and Marquetta Mitchell conducted on February 4, 2016 for the Shenandoah County Library's Black History Month Program. Willy and Marquetta were the first two African American students to attend Strasburg High…

Flier describing the Valley Pike or Lee-Jackson Highway (US Route 11) which runs through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

It includes a map of towns and attractions and description of the road.

1917 varsity baseball schedule for Massanutten Academy, now Massanutten Military Academy, in Woodstock Virginia.

Letter from Mary Jane Noel of Vaucouleurs, Meuse, France, to Charlotte Sheetz of Edinburg, Virginia, USA.

The letter discusses the war and Charlotte's son Don L. Sheetz who had become acquainted with Mary Jane Noel while serving in France.

Photomechanical print showing Woodstock Mayor Web O. Riley speaking to a crowd from atop the bathhouse at the Woodstock Pool at the time the pool and new recreation park was dedicated.

The image was printed on July 9, 1954 and the dedication…

Federal Internal Revenue Service Special Tax Stamp issued to W.J. Homan to be a retail dealer in Wines and Malt Liquors in July 1947.

W.J. Homan operated "Bills Place" on King Street in Strasburg. Evidence indicates this business operated at least…

Four page report of "M.M. Campbell" who was the court appointed receiver for the Liberty Iron Company between June 1891 and August 1892.

Campbell was appointed receiver of the company by the US District Court while there was a case pending…

Photograph and letter sent to Margaret "Daisy" Hickman from Charles Kessler Coffman in reference to a rose bush Charles had placed on the grave of Margaret's mother Angeline Campbell.

Angeline's grave is located in the "Old" Columbia Furnace Union…

Photograph of an unidentified wedding party ca. 1942.

The photograph is taken inside Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock Virginia.

The only two identified persons are Daniel S. Hottel, front row second from right, and Rev. John Perry…

This photograph shows a portion of the "wagonner shed" that was located along the Valley Turnpike (US Route 11) in Edinburg Virginia.

The shed was used by crews operating freight wagons on the Valley Turnpike. These wagons carried produce and…

Scan of a photograph strip with five images showing a girl holding a dog in various poses. Both the girl and the creator of the photographs are unknown.

Scan of a photograph strip with five images showing two different women. Both the women and the creator of the photographs are unknown.

Scan of a photograph strip with five images showing two different African American women. Both the women and the creator of the photographs are unknown.

Photograph of an unidentified teen girl.

Photograph showing nurse Virginia Cooley seated at a desk at the Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital in Woodstock Virginia.

The photograph is dated April 1967.

Photograph of a Fifth Grade Class taught by Betty L. Carey at the Toms Brook Elementary School during the 1963-1964 school year.

The students are unidentified.

1958 photograph of "Mrs. Marie Williams" who was then President of the Auxiliary to the Virginia State Firefighters Association.

The photograph is taken from the booklet for the 1958 State Firefighter's Association Convention which was held in…

Letter sent from Douglas V. Evans to Margaret Hoffman congratulating her being named to the honor role while a student at Madison College, now James Madison University.

Douglas V. Evans was principle of the Woodstock High School when Margaret…

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