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After Pearl Harbor Americans feared that their communities could be targeted by the enemy, so a civil defense organization was created. Though officials realized the risk of attack was slight, they supported Civil Defense to help monitor military…

Court records from 1874 indicate William Dinges was granted a license to operate an ordinary and to sell spirits in Edinburg. The 1870 Gray's Atlas of the Town of Edinburg shows that his business was operating that year almost directly behind the…

In 1823 James N. Swann was issued a license to operate a tavern in what is now Edinburg Virginia. Later, this license was transferred to Isaac Rutter who retained the name Swanns Tavern. The exact location of this tavern is unknown.

In 1795 Jacob Shyrock was issued a license for a tavern in what is today Edinburg Virginia. It operated near Stoney Creek. This tavern was one of the community's original businesses and for a time the area was known as Shyrock.

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