Daniel Stickley Home

The Daniel Stickley House was constructed sometime in the late 1840s or early 1850s. This brick, 2-story, Federal-style dwelling was an expensive structure that reflected the wealth of the Stickley family and the productivity of their farming and milling operations.

The original owner of the home was Daniel Stickley, an early resident of the Cedar Creek area. Surrounding it are a summer kitchen, meathouse, corncrib, and ruins of two mills. It was used as a field hospital following the 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek.

At the time he built the home, Daniel Stickley was a slave owner. The 1850 census lists him as owning 1 female slave, age 18. Ten years later he owned 4 slaves. Three were males, age 31, 14, and 9 and one was an 18 year old female. Most likely this increase in the number of enslaved persons listed as his property is due to the purchase of this farm and the construction of this house, both of which would have required additional workers. It is also most likely that Stickley utilized slaves, probably hired, to construct this house.

Census records indicate Daniel’s relatives who lived here before him were also slave owners. On average 5 slaves lived here from 1820 until the end of the Civil War. A single, renovated, 1 ½ story summer kitchen exists to the rear of the main house. Most likely it would have been the residence of Daniel’s household and kitchen slaves.

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