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Portrait of Fay (Tamkin) Coates as a young woman wearing pearls and a flower in her short hair.

Fay was born in Fort Valley to Edwin Tamkin and Marybell (Ritenour) Tamkin.

She married Harold J. Coates and had a daughter, Pamela (Coates)…
Photograph of the Coates family. Pictured are:

Standing (l to r): Joseph Coates, Jr. and Douglas Coates
Seated: Joseph Coates, Sr. and his wife, Tirzah (Miley) Coates.
Family photograph of the Coates family. Seated in front are Joseph Bowman Coates, Sr. with his wife, Tirzah Lucetta (Miley). Standing behind the couple are their two sons, Joseph Bowman Coates, Jr. (left) and Douglas Miley Coates (right).
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