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Postcard with a picture of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock Virginia.

The postcard bears a message from "C.W.H" concerning the number of services he had to preach and the amount of travel he had to undergo each week to make certain services…
Postcard with a picture of Emanuel Lutheran Church located in Woodstock Virginia. It includes a description of the church and its history.
Photograph of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Virginia. Superimposed on the image are small, oval photographs of M. Coffman, the Superintendent of the Sunday School, and Rev. S.W. Kuhns, the Pastor.
Photograph of the communion set belonging to the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. The pieces rest on a cloth embroidered in German. It reads: "Friederich Hengerer, Eva Margagrea Hengerin, WTSTOCK, Gottallein Die Ehre 1767". The words refernce…
Portrait of a the Reverend Francis Alan Brown. He was a rector of Emanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Mt. Jackson, and Shrinemount.
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