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The name "Richmond" appears on the glass plate for this image of a toddler on a wicker chair.
A portrait of Louise Richman Frye.

She was the daughter of Walter and Lucy Richman and was married to Frederick A. "Freddie" Frye for over 60 years.

Photograph of Massanutten Academy's Poe Literary Society as printed in the 1917 academy yearbook.

A. Carroll Richmond is pictured third from left. The other cadets are unidentified.

Three members of the team for that year were Jacob Greiner…
Photograph of Massanutten Academy's Junior Class Officers as they appeared in the 1917 yearbook "Aggelos."

Pictured, from left to right, are:

Arthur Morgan, A. Carroll Richmond, Garnet Gillan, and Edgar Diehl.
Photograph of the 1917 Massanutten Academy Tennis Team as they appeared in the 1917 yearbook "Aggelos."

Pictured are, from left to right:

Front Row: A. Douglas Dymock, "Prof" G.H. Richwine (Director), A. Carroll Richmond, Kenneth…
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