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Nathaniel Beedle's portrait as a young man.

Nathaniel was the son of Noah F. (1847-1927) and Margaret (Basye) (1846-1930) Beedle. In the 1900 census, he was still single and worked on his parents’ farm in the Ashby District of the County. Three…
Photograph of a cashier's check from the Boulevard Bridge Bank in Chicago. It is in the amount of $1,000 and made out to Sarah Spitler. No date is visible but the pre-printed check indicates 1920's.
Charles Spitler grew up in Woodstock. He is pictured here with his guitar.
Photograph of Charles Spitler taken after World War II.
The name, “John W. Spitler”, is written on the glass negative of this image of a man standing by a bench in the studio.

After some research, we believe this is John W. Spitler of Oranda, near Strasburg. He was born in Liberty Furnace, the…
Portrait of George Martin Miller in his U.S. Army uniform.

George was born in Jerome to Pius Martin (1876-1952) and Rebecca Frances (Nesselrodt) (1885-1969) Miller, a farming couple.

He married in April 1937 in Mt. Jackson. His bride was…
Portrait of Pauline (Beydler) Spitler as a young woman. She is sitting in studio and wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves.

Pauline was the daughter of William Arthur (1883-1956) and Ernestine Estelle (Huffman) (1882-1969) Beydler, a farming…
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