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Photograph of two unidentified individuals standing in front of a car at an unknown location. Individuals may be members of the Lichliter family of Strasburg Virginia.

Eliz. Downey July 4 1927.jpg
Photograph showing Elizabeth Downey standing on the running board of a car. The photograph is dated July 4, 1927.

Photograph showing Stella Bly (left) and Isabelle Mowery (right) behind a car with their dog. The photograph was taken around 1930.

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Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing two unidentfieid women in a convertiable. The front of the convertiable bears a plate with "Endless Caverns, New Market VA" printed on it.

Sometime in the early 20th century, a group of automobile owners met in Toms Brook Virginia and organized the Shenandoah County Automobile Association.

According to this printed copy of their constitution and bylaws, the purpose of theā€¦
Postcard showing a car crossing the Massanutten Mountains on the Lee Highway (US Route 211). The highway crosses the mountain at the New Market Gap.
Postcard showing the site of Dellinger Funderal Home in Mt. Jackson Virginia and its fleet of vehicles.
Color postcard image showing a vehicle driving on US Highway 11 surrounded by area landscape. While the exact location of this image is unknown, the caption states it is near Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of the Seibert Athletic Field at Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock. It includes a description of the field and the activities that occurred there.
Color postcard with a picture of a crowd and cars on Court Square at the intersection of Main and Court Streets in Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of Main Street in Woodstock Virginia. and downtown structures looking north from the High Street area.
Postcard with a picture of H.C. Borden, Lewis Arnekm George Guthridge, and Alonzo Stickley with a car in Strasburg Virginia.
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