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Photographs showing the "Thomas Hudson House" located near Hudsons Crossroads west of Mt. Jackson.

The house was constructed ca. 1790 atop a spring and is an excellent example of Germanic stone construction in Shenandoah County.


Photograph showing Solomons Lutheran Church located near Moores Store in southwestern Shenandoah County.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Soloman's Church- Grandmother & Granddaddy went here until 1928 due to common communion cup."

Photograph of a dog,

Labeled on reverse "Patsy-Grandmother-dad's dog." The author of the label is unknown.

Photograph showing two boys posing with two cats at an unknown location. A caption on the image identifies them as "Willis Eugene and Roger Ak__ Slusser."


Ten dollar note produced by the Mount Jackson National Bank. The note is considered a "National Bank Note" and was printed on June 7, 1904. It was one of 11,527 produced by the bank that year.

Note the ink mark above 3209 in the top right corner.…

Photograph of Julia Virginia Fansler from the 1949 "The Beacon," Triplett High School Yearbook. Julia was the librarian at the school and a graduate of Madison College, now James Madiston University.

Powhata Ruritan Club Hat. The Powhatan Ruritan Club was based in Strasburg and operated from 2002-2018.

Varsity letter from the Woodstock High School.

Drink coaster bearing a drawing of the state of Virginia, the logo "Virginia 'Old Dominion State,'" and information about the state.


"Shenandoahopoly" Board game. Produced in 1989 as a fundraiser for the Woodstock Virginia Rotary Club. The places on the board bear the names of local businesses at the time.

Pair of sunglasses bearing "#Vote4Karl." Produced for Karl Roulston's 2017 campaign for District 4 representative on the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors.

Undated bumper sticker promoting the reelection of US Congressman John O. Marsh Jr. It was issued authority of Leo Snarr, manager.

Marsh served in the US House of Representatives from 1963-1971 as a Representative of the 7th District of Virginia…

Lantz Roller Mills "White Lily" flour sack. Produced in Lantz Mill Virginia by the Lantz Roller Mill Company.

"Shoe horn" bearing an advertisement for "Grabill's Shoe Store" Woodstock Virginia.

The items is also labeled "Crown Master: A Product of Great Atlantic."

Coin bank produced by the Citizens Bank of New Market Virginia.

The bank is designed to look like a book. Depositors would be required to tank the item to Citizens Bank to access the money since the bank held the item's key.

Small flag produced as part of festivities commemoration the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the town of Woodstock Virginia.

Flags were produced by the American Legion Post 199 in Woodstock in conjunction with the 250th Anniversary…

Post card sent from "Lilliam" to her grandmother Regina Funk of Stephens City Virginia.

The postcard contains a postmark from Strasburg Junction near the town of Strasburg Virginia and the mark is dated June 18 1910.

Photograph showing two unidentified girls at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing a group of girls and one male subject at Camp Strawderman. The reverse of the image is labeled "Hike to Orkney."

Photograph showing a group of girls at Camp Strawderman in a car and several on horseback. The image is undated and the subjects are unidentified.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Which is Blanche? I want to be sure I'll know her."

Photograph showing women participating in a "water show" at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing a group of four girls and one boy at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg, All subjects of the photograph are unknown.

Photograph showing a group of unidentified girls on horseback at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing a small child and group of girls with a flag at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing girls on horseback at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.
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