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Photograph showing an unidentified individual with bicycle in front of the Pearl White Theater.

The theater was located on Main Street in Edinburg.

The photograph is undated.

Photograph showing an unidentified woman walking along Main Street in Edinburg Virginia.

The photograph is facing north. An advertisement sign for "The Homestead Coffee Shoppe" is visible in the foreground.

The photograph is undated, but…

Photograph showing the railroad bridge crossing Stoney Creek in Edinburg after it was destroyed by a fire.

The photograph is undated, but the fire occurred on August 2, 1915.

Photograph of J. Clinton "Clint" Reynolds and Florence Mae Gochenour Reynolds.

The photograph identifies them as the oldest married couple at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church near Fariview when the photograph was taken in September of 1980.

Photograph showing the church confirmation class at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church on March 31, 1957.

The individuals pictured are identified, though the order in which they appear is uncertain. They are, as listed on an attached identification…

Letter sent from the Superintendent of the Railway Mail Service to the Shenandoah Iron & Coal Company in Liberty Furnace Virginia.

The letter notes the Postal Department had approved delivery of mail using the company's rail line between Edinburg…

Snapshot photograph showing seven (7) girls swimming at Camp Strawderman.

Presumably they are attendees of the private girls camp which is located southwest of Columbia Furnace Virginia. They are swimming in Stoney Creek which flows through the…

Novelty combination measuring tape and level produced by the Lenny Campbell Service Company in New Market Virginia.

The product is undated.

Lenny Campbell Service Company is still open on Old Valley Pike north of New Market Virginia.

Twelve small portrait photographs contained on a single sheet.

The photographs show three male and two female subjects. All five are unidentified.

The reverse of the sheet is labeled "Robert Furr., Hawkinstown, 2Va." It is uncertain if Robert…

Photograph showing the members of the "Modern Woodmen of America Camp 13003."

This camp was located in St. Luke Virginia, a small community west of Woodstock Virginia. In the background is the St. Luke Lutheran Church which still stands in the…

Photograph showing a group of unidentified persons.

Nineteen of these individuals appear to be students at Woodstock Schools. One appears to be a sailor in the US Navy. They are gathered with an older man and woman who is in a wheel chair.


20210302_130246 COPY.jpg
Photograph of Ada Woldson Samuels.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper on May 8 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchen" series.

Ada was born in January 15 1919 in Strasburg Virginia. Daughter of a tailor who operated Wolfsons…

20210302_132810 COPY.jpg
Photograph of Wanda Oswalt Frazier.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper on October 2 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchens" series.

Wanda was born June 18 1930 in Lawton Oklahoma to Cassie D. Stamper and Malcom Oswalt. She married…

20210302_130954 Copy.jpg
Photograph of Esther Catherine Foltz Miller.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald on June 26, 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchens" series.

Esther was born April 18, 1911 to Barney and Katie Virginia Foltz. She married Raymond F. Miller on…

Photograph of May Cecelia Whitaker Rinker.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald on April 10, 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchens" series.

May Whitaker Rinker was born May 1, 1901 in Shenandoah County. She married Garnett L. Rinker Sr.

Publication produced by the Edinburg Lion's Club for the 1953-1954 year.

The publication includes a list of membership, their officers, objectives, and committee assignments.

20210302_124940 - Copy.jpg
Photograph of Cleda Orndorff Conner.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald on May 20, 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchens" series.

Cleda Orndorff was born August 9 1888 in Zepp Virginia where she would live her entire life. In 1915 she…

Phoebe Tusing.jpg
1974 photograph of Phoebe Tusing, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Nancy Murray.jpg
1974 photograph of Nancy Murray, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Naomi Craun.jpg
1974 photograph of Naomi Craun, a resident of Strasburg Virginia.

Naomi Weddington.jpg
1974 photograph of Naomi Weddington, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Sylvia Zipperian.jpg
1974 photograph of Sylvia Zipperian, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Velma Robinson.jpg
1974 photograph of Velma Robinson, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Adele Ibl.jpg
1974 photograph showing Adele Ibl, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Laura Bowden.jpg
1974 photograph of Laura Bowden.

This photograph appeared in a Shenandoah Valley-Herald article discussing the Edinburg Little League's refusal to let her play baseball because she was a girl.
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