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Photograph showing six unidentified people with a dairy cow at the Shenandoah County Fair.

carol 1982 dairy.jpg
Photograph showing dairy cows and unidentified handlers at the Shenandoah County Fair in 1982.

morris 1974 pics 22 front.jpg
Photograph of an exhibit prepared by a local dairy club for the 1974 Shenandoah County Fair. It was awarded the 2nd place prize.

This picture shows a paper milk-bottle cap produced by Woodstock Virginia’s Ford-Cooley Dairy. The dairy was located just south of Woodstock near Narrow Passage. It operated from sometime in the 1930s until around 1960.

It would have been used…
Postcard showing a picture of the Chapin & Sachs Manufacturing Plant in Woodstock Virginia. The company, based in Washington DC, processed local dairy into ice cream in Woodstock from 1910 until ca. 1930.
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