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Photograph of an unidentified young woman in casual clothing sitting on a horse with a saddle.
Photograph of a horse standing behind a foal. The foal is looking towards the camera.
Photograph of a picture of a young woman wearing a top hat and long dress standing in front of a horse.
Photograph of the side profile of a horse. The photograph is slightly blurry and there are a few trees visible in the background.
Faded photograph of the side profile of a horse. The horse is looking towards the camera and the handler who is holding its reigns is partially visible on the left side of the photograph.
Photograph of the side profile of a horse. The horse is standing outside and it appears that someone is holding its reigns off camera.
Unidentified young boy sitting on a white pony in front of a house.
Unidentified child seated atop a large horse. Part of a man is visible behind the horse. He is holding the child in place and also holding the horse in place.
Unidentified man smoking a pipe and holding the lead for a large horse.
Photograph of a large horse in profile.
Photograph of Hugh Morrison, Jr.'s thoroughbred mare, "Laura Kelly" and her colt, "Prince". This image was taken in the front yard of the Morrison home at 305 N. Main Street in Woodstock, Virginia.
Unidentified man riding a horse over a fence.
Front page of the "Certificate of Entry" of the stallion called "June Silver King" into the stud book of the American Shetland Pony Club. The pony was sold by Phillip Siegrist of Dayton, Ohio, to Mr. Maynard A. Hamman of Woodstock Virginia, in April…
Back side of the "Certificate of Entry of the Stallion in the Stud Book of the American Shetland Pony Club". The registration was dated September 1948. The family tree diagram shows the ancestry of a pony named "June Silver King".
Photograph of two people standing in front of a horse. The words, "Lady Maynard Mother" appear at the bottom of the glass plate and appear to provide a hint as to their identities. "Lady" could be the horse; "Maynard" the man; and "Mother" the woman…
Unidentified man standing in front of trees. A horse is standing behind him and a dog is sitting at his feet.
Photograph of an unidentified man riding a large black horse.
Photo of two separate photographs of William Lee Bushong on horseback. He was the son of Emery and Sarah (Wisman) Bushong. He and two brothers, Gilbert and Forest "Peanut" Bushong, had a ranch in the Snowy Ridge area of Wyoming. Lee was a hunting…
Photograph of an unidentified woman wearing a dress and sitting sidesaddle on a horse. There is a house visible behind them.
Photograph of a group of unidentified farm workers standing around two horses pulling a piece of farm equipment. In addition to the men in farm clothes, there is a man wearing a suit as well as a man with a cook's apron holding a large pan and…

Photograph showing a group of girls at Camp Strawderman in a car and several on horseback. The image is undated and the subjects are unidentified.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Which is Blanche? I want to be sure I'll know her."

Photograph showing a group of unidentified girls on horseback at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Undated photograph showing the harness racing pace car at the Shenandoah County Fair.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing an unidentified horse.

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Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a teenage boy holding a horse.

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