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Photograph of the home of Mary Jane Aquino, located at 837 S. Main Street in Woodstock, Virginia.

The home was originally built by Myron Bowman, Sr.
Photograph of Harold Morrison, Sr. and his wife sitting on the first floor of their home on U.S. route 11 and east of Pugh's Run.
Vesper Hall is located near Strasburg on Route 55 very close to the I-81 interchange and across the road from the old Capon Road Depot. This stately home was built circa 1860 by Jacob Pifer and, by 1885, was used as a hotel. William Rupp, a locally…
Photograph of a small house built on the side of a steep hill.

An unidentified, child, and man holding a rifle stand in front of the house. Another unidentified man stands in the foreground. A garden is also visible.

The house appears to be…
Photograph looking up a steep hill of a house with an unidentified woman and child in the doorway. Two other unidentified men are standing outside to the left of the image. One of the men is holding a rifle. A garden is also visible.

The house…
Photograph of the "Red Banks" home located halfway between Edinburg and Mt. Jackson on Route 11. This stately home was remodeled about 1900. A hundred years ago (1927) a post office was kept here; and for many years it was a favorite stopping place…
View of North Street, looking west, as it climbs the hill just past the Town Run.

"Bank's Fort," a Civil War fortification dating to 1862 can be seen at the top, right of the image.

The house in the foreground and far left are still standing…
Photograph of a house on South Church Street in Woodstock. Its location was around the corner from the Lutheran Church. Image shows emulsion damage.
Photograph of the Mark Bird House in Woodstock Virginia.

This house still stands on Commerce Street, but was originally located on the site of the Woodstock Post Office.

It was originally owned by Mark Bird, a County Judge. After his death it…
House bordered by trees on unidentified street

Photograph labeled "Residence of Mr. Silas Funk, Strasburg, VA" and contained within the photograph album "Our Trip to Strasburg."

The album was complied by Ellen Bowman and is dated 1901.

The Silas Funk referred to is most likely Silas…

Photographs showing the "Thomas Hudson House" located near Hudsons Crossroads west of Mt. Jackson.

The house was constructed ca. 1790 atop a spring and is an excellent example of Germanic stone construction in Shenandoah County.


A photograph showing the Magruder House and property on North Main Street in Woodstock Virginia. In the 1960s the house was demolished and the land was redeveloped as the Woodstock Shopping Center.
Postcard of the "Egypt" House near Luray Virginia with description of its use as a fort and construction
Postcard showing "Burner's" house near Luray Virginia
Postcard showing the Bushong House located on what is now the New Market Battlefield. The postcard is in color and was produced in 1906 by Henkel & Co., printers in New Market Virginia.
Postcard showing the Bushong house located on the New Market Battlefield.
Postcard showing a painting of the Bushong House owned and occupied by Jacob Bushong during the Battle of New Market. Includes a description of the house, history of the family, and an account of the battle.
Postcard showing a house somewhere in Shenandoah County.

The postcard was sent from Moore's Store and the structure may be in that community.
Postcard showing the "Shenstone" House in the southern end of Mt. Jackson. The roof of the covered bridge crossing Mill Creek is visible in the bottom of the photograph.
Postcard showing the home of S.P. Lonas of Mt. Jackson Virginia. The image is dated 1929.

Today, the structure houses Dellinger Funeral Home.
Postcard with a picture of S.A. Moffett's residence located in Mt. Jackson Virginia.

S.A. (Sidney) Moffett was a farmer and merchant in Mt. Jackson.
Color postcard with a photograph of houses along Center Street in Edinburg Virginia.

The view looks east toward Main Street from the area of Printz Street.

The postcard is dated 1920.
Photographic postcard showing the residence of Joseph F. (J.F.) Holtzman in Edinburg Virginia. Holtzman operated what became the Hotel Edinburg.

He was married to Ella Dinges and following her death to Betty Lantz. Holtzman was affiliated with…
Postcard with a picture of an unidentified house in Shenandoah County Virginia.
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